Great views without the sweat seem like a rare occurrence, but we've scope one out just for you. Tunnel Drive Trail in Colorado takes you through rock tunnels that were blasted into the mountain. With river views along the way, it's one journey you'll want to revisit over and over again.

With a sprinkling of nature's wondrous palette, Tunnel Drive Trail features sights of the Arkansas River and the surrounding canyon.

The comfortable, four-mile out-and-back trail is on an old railway bed. How cool is that?

You'll be strolling through the Royal Gorge with rocks that date back to over 1.7 billion years. Think of it as a modern-day journey surrounded by history. 

The mostly flat trail is perfect for any skill level and is also dog-friendly. You can bring your pupper along if you want some adorable company. 

With zero permit fees, you can use that extra cash to pack a lunch or snack while you take in the incredible sights. 

Although the trail is open year-round, it can get toasty during the summer, so plan accordingly. 

During a sunset hike, you'll get to glimpse the sunset over the mountains for the ultimate treat. 

We think it's great for an evening stroll with your favorite person, especially if you want to go on a scenic walk or run.

Your favorite part might be walking through the granite tunnels.

They were blasted into the mountain, and there are three of them that you can see up-close. 

Easy hikes that offer amazing views are perfect for an adventurer looking for some downtime in nature. 

Tunnel Drive Trail

Difficulty: Easy

Length: 3.8-miles out-and-back

Address: 205 Tunnel Dr., Cañon City, CO

Why you need to go: You'll get to go on an easy hike that takes you through granite tunnels. 


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