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You Can Take An Epic Surprise Trip In Canada This Spring And The Location Is A Total Secret

Imagine going on a vacation with any planning hiccups or unexpected drama. You literally just pack your bag and set out on an epic adventure! There's a travel company that sends you on an epic surprise trip personalized for you—the twist is that you don't even know where you'll end up! 

Those 'planner' types who research incessantly for everything from the cheapest flight to the best brunch spots will feel a weight lifted off their shoulders. Someone else will do all that grunt-work for you. You can even travel just a few towns over, right across the border or fly somewhere you've never explored before! Guess Where Trips take all the stress and planning out of what's supposed to be a fun and relaxing vacation. Plus, they even do one-day spontaneous road trips so you can go on a quick adventure that's super affordable.

One of the biggest problems with travelling for me is over-researching where to go and what to do. When I finally actually get somewhere, I lose out on some of the joy of experiencing it for the first time! These trips are an amazing way to surprise yourself and find new things without any extra effort.

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How do you even go about taking a secret vacation? The first step is to do a travel quiz! You'll choose a travel package and fill out a questionnaire that includes things like where you've already been, what kinds of things you like to do and see and when you're available to travel. You could end up in Canada or even Europe or Asia! 

Then, they'll plan your trip for you based on your preferences and send you an email a week before your trip letting you know just the basics like what to pack and your departure time. You'll also get a surprise package in the mail that has your personalized itinerary and everything you need to know about your trip plus an extra surprise thrown in. You'll open the package when it's time to begin your trip!

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You can book your trip online and find out more about Guess Where Trips. Packages start at just $45 for a one-day road trip (you use your own car), $200 per person for an overnight road trip and $1060 per person for a trip with flights and hotel. 

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