There's no way to be in denial anymore, winter has arrived in Canada and it's here to stay for at least 2 more months. As much as we all claim to hate wintertime, we actually love it at the same time. Canada has so much natural beauty from turquoise lakes and lush forests to rushing waterfalls and hidden trails but all of these become even more stunning covered in fluffy snow! 

If there's one thing us Canadians can handle, it's the cold so if you were planning on hibernating during these winter months, think again! There's one outdoor winter activity that you should definitely add to your bucket list for the season and it's the massive snow maze that's officially up and running at A Maze In Corn and it's going to be the largest snow maze in the entire world! 

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The massive snow maze at A Maze In Corn is located in St. Adolphe, Manitoba and is totally worth the trip! Last year the world record for the largest snow maze in the world was held by Thunder Bay during their annual Voyageur Winter Carnival. This year, A Maze In Corn is has created an even bigger maze and they're prepared to win the world record! 

The maze took 300 truckloads of snow to create a 1,300-metre maze filled with tightly packed snow. It might not sound like much written down, but it's massive in person! The owners say that the maze could take up to 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete! However, some visitors have finished it in only 20 minutes. 

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There are fire pits located throughout the maze in case anyone needs to stay warm during their hunt for the exit. They also added emergency exits in case anyone needs a quick escape for any reason. 

There are several snow sculptures throughout the maze to create a magical and enchanting feel! But the farm has more than just a massive snow maze to entertain visitors, they also have alpacas to pet, sleigh rides, and more! 

The maze costs $12 per person to enter and $3 for sleigh rides. The maze is closed today but will reopen on January 10th from 5-9 pm. 

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Check out their website for more information! 

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