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You Can Watch A Stunning Super Blood Moon Eclipse Across Canada This Winter

The celestial bodies are aligned AF ☀ 🌎🌕
A Moon Eclipse.

A Moon Eclipse.

If you love gazing at the moon, then you’re in for a real treat this winter! In January, we can expect a show-stopping lunar event like no other; a Super Blood Wolf Moon Total Lunar Eclipse. The best part about this epic eclipse is that it will be visible all across Canada!

It’s no wonder that there is always excitement around lunar events like these. We have been gazing at the moon for untold generations. Its beauty and changeability captivate us even in the age of smartphones. On the night of Monday, January 21st, try to brave the cold for a while so you can experience this magical eclipse.

Let’s break down exactly what to expect in the Super Blood Wolf Moon Total Lunar Eclipse.


A supermoon happens when a full or new moon is as close as it ever gets to Earth. This makes it appear larger in the sky than usual! The moon is both brighter and larger during a supermoon.


Any time there’s a lunar eclipse, the moon gets a reddish tint. That’s because the Earth is blocking the light from hitting the moon. So, we’re kind of seeing our own shadow on the moon when there’s an eclipse. The only light that hits the moon is actually refracted by our own atmosphere, making it a blood moon. The colour of the moon looks less like blood and more like rust or copper. Still, it’s pretty incredible to watch it change colour before your eyes.


This definition is more esoteric than scientific. The Wolf Moon is the first full moon of the year. It’s kind of cute because wolves are said to howl at the full moon!

Total Lunar Eclipse

Lunar eclipses happen regularly, but a total lunar eclipse is much rarer. It can only happen when the sun, earth and the moon are closely aligned. On January 21st, 2018, not only will the moon be close to the Earth, but the Earth will be close to the sun. The two elliptical orbits are perfectly aligned and won’t be this close again for years to come.

Last year, we had a Super Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse. This year’s event promises to be even more spectacular. Since it’s a total lunar eclipse, you can expect a more dramatic display in the night sky.

According to NASA, the best time to see the eclipse is around 12:15 a.m. EST. To best watch the eclipse, you’ll want to head out of the city’s light pollution. Here’s hoping that the skies are clear for us to watch this amazing lunar eclipse. This is Canada’s last chance to see a total lunar eclipse until May 2022.

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