You Could Get Free Delivery From These Restaurants in Alberta

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You Could Get Free Delivery From These Restaurants in Alberta
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Raise your hand if you WAY overspent this holiday season. Ain’t no shame in my Christmas game. Well, 'kay, there's a little shame. I can always count on myself to dote on loved ones and dish out thoughtful gifts. When it comes to myself, though? I’m probably as frugal as they come.

Problem is, I also LIVE to eat out. The combination of a sad, empty fridge officially devoid of Xmas leftovers plus this bleak Canadian weather means I’d rather order in until the temperature warms up to at least an acceptable 10°C. I'll tell you what I'm NOT down for, though: being charged hefty delivery fees. If this First-World conundrum resonates with your culinarily challenged (or, perhaps, lazy) soul, then put your pots and pans away for I come bearing fantastic news to brighten your hungry little heart.

The ever-faithful beacon of hope (and tastiness) for us unculinarian foodies, foodora is here to put a smile on our faces, some treats in our bellies, and save us a few bucks in our wallets. Until the end of February, foodora is offering FREE delivery (no minimum purchase - hello, frothy cappuccino at the crack of dawn!) from tons of awesome participating restaurants. 

If you're in Calgary, start 2019 right post workout by ordering a fresh, nutrient-rich seasonal Fruit Ninja salad from Fork and Salad; invite your date over and devour Cilantro's incredible pear and gorgonzola forno-baked pizza or elk gnocchi; or how about curing your late-night munchies with Tubby Dog's signature PBJ hot dog topped with Cap'n Crunch?

For veggie-lovers in Edmonton wanting creative Mexican, hit up Rostizado for their mole with camote or Vegetariano pressed sandwich vegan option; if you're feeling some mega meatiness, opt for The Burger's Priest's double-stacked Vatican City mouthful layered between two grilled-cheese buns; you can even pick one of Ono Poke's 12 colourful poke bowls.  

Even if you've just got a hankering for a classic 7-Eleven Slurpee®, there's no minimum purchase to take advantage of foodora's free delivery promo! Though some of us may be inept in the kitchen, we can still recognize a great deal. Next time your stomach begins to rumble and all you've got in your pantry are stale crackers and expired cereal, hit up the foodora app and jump on this limited-time FIRE deal!

Oh, and one last awesome thing? If you're a new foodora customer, and you use the code NAR10 at checkout on any orders of $20 or more, you'll get $10 off your order until February 28, 2019!

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Brittany Alexandra Silveira
Unit Production Manager