Ah, summer. Classes are finally over, the sun is finally out, and the temperature is just right for some fun in the sun.

Or, if you're super tired of the daily hustle and work grind, then it also happens to be the perfect time to take a vacation. 

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Actually, every time is the perfect time for a vacation. Discovering something other than your own back yard is always a really fun thing... but, straight-up, it can get a little pricey. Unless you're made of literal money. In that case, you're good.

But if you're not, then finding places to stay while you're adventuring can be a bit of an expensive hassle. Which is exactly where Hotels.com comes in to save your day/vacation/life.

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Other than offering up awesome hotels for super cheap prices on one incredibly convenient website, Hotels.com also happens to have a fantastic rewards program going on.

Basically, for every night you stay with Hotels.com, you get a reward credit. Once you collect 10 nights, you get one free night at any participating hotel, vacation rental, or cabin - and there are over 190,000 of them around the world! (Protip: free is the best price).

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But there's another way to stay in a Hotels.com hotel for free, guys. And it only involves a little creativity.

You - or your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, or anyone you know - could fill in for Hotels.com's Captain Obvious while he's out on his own vacation.

As a reward for being a Temporary Captain, you'll get all his perks. (Hint: this includes staying for free at any hotel of your choice. Obviously).

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This is where the creativity kicks in: to become a Temporary Captain and earn those sweet free hotel stays, all you've got to do is submit a video of yourself reading from a script, post it on Twitter or Instagram using the #TempCaptain hashtag, or upload it to tempcaptain.com. 

That's it, and you'll be on your way to having one of the most rewarding summers ever.

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A super rewarding and fun summer is right in your reach, guys.

To become a Temporary Captain, and stay at your favorite hotel completely free, then check out TempCaptain.com for more information.