Going to Seattle is as close as you can get to time-travel right now because Amazon HQ has these giant futuristic botanical spheres that will make you think you're in 2119. The Spheres are three spherical conservatories filled with more than 40,000 plants that serve as the most epic workspace ever.

You'll definitely want to get down to Seattle to see this! Anyone can book a visit to see inside insanely cool spheres. Inside, it's a literal plant paradise with towering living plant walls and parts that feel like you're in the actual jungle. It's just like a company called Amazon to recreate the feeling of being in the Amazon in their headquarters!

Anyone who loves to visit botanical gardens, conservatories and architecture will love The Spheres. They're truly amazing to behold and they make us think of what could be possible in the cities of the future.

In Vancouver, there are so many boring concrete brutalist buildings. We're often called the City of Glass because there are so many see-throughs—glass towers with green and blue glass that more like a bathroom shower than a livable city. Let's hope that one day we can see more buildings like this in Vancouver!

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There are two ways that you can visit inside The Spheres; you can make a reservation or see them as part of the Amazon HQ tour. They're only accessible by the public for two Saturdays of every month so make sure to plan out your trip in advance if you're planning to go down to Seattle. You have to make a reservation in advance but the tickets are totally free!