You Can Dine In A Tree At This Amazing Thai Resort

You Can Dine In A Tree At This Amazing Thai Resort

Restaurants and bars are always coming up with new and exciting concepts. Underwater? Check. In a cave? Yup, got that too. In face here's a whole list of crazy bar restos all over the world you should add to your bucket list. 

But we want to focus on one extra special one: Tree Pod Dining. 

This Tarzan-like experience is located at the Soneva Kiri Eco Resort, on the island of Ko Kut in the province of Trat, is just a one-hour flight from the Thai capital, Bangkok. There are lots of cool little tree houses, built in the style of a bird’s nest here. Made from tough bamboo, the bird’s nests are built into trees, which sit five metres above the ground. Here, you literally dine from a bird’s perspective – what a cool idea!

To get up, you simply press a button that lowers the tree house and then raises it back up. On one side, you are surrounded by a wild and tropical rainforest, where the bird’s nests are perfectly disguised. On the other side, you can see the Gulf of Thailand with its enchanting turquoise blue waters and calming rippling waves. 

You will be treated to local, traditional Thai cuisine. Your food is brought to you by waiters on zipline! 

The resort itself is also absolutely stunning, located on a vast area of land in a rainforest!