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YOU Trailer #2

YOU Trailer #2

YOU | Trailer #2 [HD] | Netflix

I'm no stranger to binge-watching shows on Netflix. From The Office, to Friends, to Netflix Originals such as Atypical and 13 Reasons Why, I love a good drama, and Netflix is the best at creating them.

So I wasn't surprised when I saw that YOU on Netflix got a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes after being on the streaming site for a day. It premiered on Netflix late on December 26, and people have already watched the whole series and are waiting for a second season. While I haven't finished the whole season yet, I still have a ton of opinions on it so far.

If you haven't heard of YOU, it stars Penn Badgley, Shay Mitchell and Elizabeth Lail. The best way I can describe it is a little bit of Gossip Girl, mixed with Pretty Little Liars and a pinch of Gone Girl. Fans even think that Penn Badgley's character is way too similar to his character in Gossip Girl, Dan Humphrey.

The show centres itself around Joe, who meets Beck at a bookstore he owns. He becomes obsessed with her and basically follows her around until she falls in love with him. However, there are obstacles along the way that he needs to get rid of. And some of those obstacles lead to things that cannot be undone, like ruining her friends' reputations and well, even murder. If you haven't seen the show and don't want any spoilers, then don't keep reading.

The first episode is pretty intense, honestly. The storyline doesn't wait for a few episodes, and I can genuinely say I wanted to know what happened after the first episode. A lot of the time shows wait to grab you after dancing around the plot line, but not YOU. My first impression of the show wasn't really about the show, but that Penn Badgley is really good at making you believe he's a stalker boyfriend. While there are a ton of side plotlines that can get confusing, as there are a lot of people in the show to keep track of, the storyline itself made me want to keep watching and find out what happens in the end.

I'm currently on episode 5, and I feel really connected to these characters. The whole show is pretty much based on how your life isn't private if you're on social media, and basically how technology can harm us in ways we don't think. Penn Badgley also has a way of making you feel bad for him even though he is the bad guy. Beck, who is his girlfriend, has a pretty confusing storyline. She lied that her dad died after he relapsed on drugs, will not admit that she's broke and really can't afford to live in New York City, and has one pretty shitty best friend named Peach. We'll get to Peach in a minute.

I have about 5 episodes left in the season, and I'm at a point where I'm not sure where the show is going to go. There are a few people in the series that I don't trust. One of them is Beck's best friend, Peach. Peach is played by Shay Mitchell, and I've noticed in Pretty Little Liars as well as YOU that Shay Mitchell really acts with her face. In this show, it's hard to ignore. Peach is that friend that you think is looking out for you but wants the worst for you. But a part of me may think that Peach is in love with Beck, but I guess we'll see.

I definitely would not say that this is a show you could just put on in the background while cleaning. You need to pay attention to every line, every move Joe makes and all of their motives. While it's a super intense show that leaves you thinking everyone is stalking you or untrustworthy, I can genuinely say at this point, I'm addicted to this show and my Friday night will consists of finishing it all.

YOU really is unlike any show I've watched. While it does has similar traits to other shows on Netflix, you can't compare it. You want Beck and Joe to end up together, but Beck is also super negative and whiney. You want Joe to get away with everything he's doing, but you know that's not right. And you want Peach to kind of disappear forever, but her drama makes the show better. If you're contemplating watching YOU, I would highly recommend it.

YOU has been given another season by Netflix, but I've heard the cliffhanger at the end is absolutely brutal. If you're on the fence about watching it, watch it. Not only is Penn Badgley super attractive, but his creepy ways in the show make you want to see what else he will get away with! As for Peach, the only reason I want her around is because she has great style. Oh, and apparently John Stamos makes an appearance, so that's a great reason to watch as well.

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