At any given time, there's usually at least one show that Netflix users are obsessing over. At the current moment, that show is a series called You. Since the second season's release is right around the corner, what better time than right now to refresh yourself with a You season one recap?

In the first episode of the show, we meet someone named Joe  Goldberg — a good-looking bookstore clerk who leans on the hopeless romantic side of things. The seemingly perfect boy-next-door, if you will.

Shortly after, we're also introduced to Guinevere Beck, a shopper who Joe can't take his eyes off of. The two exchange flirty banter between the aisles, and although no phone numbers are exchanged, Joe finds himself obsessed with the idea of hunting Beck down online.

Luckily, she has a very unique name, so the task at hand isn't too hard. In today's world, it's not unusual to do a bit of cyberstalking on your crush, but Joe takes this to another level, using Beck's online photos to find her address so he can watch her from her windows.

This is our first indication that something is weird about Joe, but it certainly won't be the last.

While doing his research/stalking, Joe gets to know Beck's closest circle of friends, including Peach, her super controlling, manipulative "best friend," and Benji, her douchey ex-boyfriend who she still hooks up with from time to time.

Joe may be creepy, but he's not dumb. He quickly realizes that if he wants to be with Beck, he's going to have to get Peach and Benji out of the way by whatever means necessary.

Benji is relatively easy, as Joe is able to lure him into the bookstore's basement under false pretenses, where he then knocks Benji out and keeps him in a cage.

After holding him captive for a few days, Joe realizes that he has no choice but to kill Benji, and so he does — problem one solved.

Next up on Joe's hitlist is Peach (played by Canadian star, Shay Mitchell). The biggest problem here is that Peach is much smarter than Benji, and she's picked up on Joe's creepy vibe, even if Beck hasn't.

Joe begins stalking Peach in the same way he did Beck, breaking into her laptop and following her on her morning runs, until one day, he gets the courage to hit Peach over the head with a rock, leaving her to die out in the open.

Upon arriving home, Joe receives a nasty beating from his neighbour's alcoholic boyfriend, which he jokes is his karma for killing Peach. Unfortunately for Joe, Peach isn't dead, although she has no idea it was him who attacked her.

As she heals, Peach becomes even more protective of Beck, keeping her away from Joe as much as possible. The two girls head out for a weekend out of the city, and of course, Joe follows them discretely.

At this point, Joe realizes that Peach's obsession with Beck stems from a crush that she has on her, and Joe has no choice but to watch as Peach fills Beck up with drugs and tries to hook up with her.

Beck quickly turns down Peach's advances, and after confronting her in the morning, decides to leave the girl's trip early and head back home to New York.

This is when Peach finds Joe in the house, wearing Benji's watch. She pieces together the puzzle and realizes that Joe was the one that killed Beck's ex-boyfriend and that he attacked her in the park.

Again, Joe realizes that he has no choice but to commit murder, so he kills Peach and stages it as a tragic suicide.

Now that everything standing in the way of his relationship is gone, things are finally looking up for Joe. He and Beck are happily dating and spending plenty of time together, which is exactly what he wanted — until Beck starts acting different, that is.

Having lost two people so close to her, Beck took it upon herself to seek out therapy, which she kept a secret from Joe for quite some time, triggering his jealousy.

Funnily enough, Beck also has some animosity towards Joe at this point, particularly surrounding his ex-girlfriend Candace, who is brought up a few times throughout the season as someone who seriously hurt Joe in the past.

From what we know about Candace, she was caught cheating on Joe, and after the pair broke up, she apparently went to Italy and disappeared from social media without so much as a  single "goodbye" tweet.

At this point, Beck and Joe's relationship has reached an all-time low, with no trust on either side. Joe has begun seeing Beck's therapist as well, pretending to be someone else so he can vet the guy out, and Beck will barely let Joe touch her. Eventually, it comes out that Beck has been sleeping with her therapist all along.

As the season comes to an end, tension gets even higher as Beck finds a secret box stored in Joe's roof, filled with evidence of his time spent stalking her, as well as concrete proof that he killed Benji, Peach, and maybe even Candace.

In a twisted turn of fate, Joe knows he has no choice but to hide Beck from the world so she won't expose him, and so he winds up knocking her out and keeping her in the same cage where he kept Benji, hoping to calm her down and work things out.

Unfortunately, Beck isn't as rational as Joe hoped she would be, and after she tries to escape, Joe once again is faced with the haunting realization that he'll once again have to commit murder.

We don't see Joe kill Beck on screen, but we hear him mourn her and sing praises about how talented of a writer she was. Luckily for him, Joe was able to frame Beck's therapist and former lover for all of his murders, letting him get away clean.

The end of the season jumps ahead to four months after the events. Joe is still working at the book store and life has gone back to normal, or as normal as it possibly could be for someone like him.

In the last few scenes, viewers get a sense of deja vu as You's opening sequence replays — a girl comes into the bookstore and catches Joe's attention. "Alright, I'll bite," he says again.

Just when you think Joe's found his next victim, the mysterious girl takes off her hood to reveal herself as Candace, Joe's ex-girlfriend. "I think we have some unfinished business," she says, moments before the episode ends.

Now that you're all caught up, you know exactly what to expect when season two of You hits Netflix on Thursday, December 26.

You can check out the chilling trailer for the upcoming episodes below.

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