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These 'You' Season 2 Photos Say Way More Than They Should

When YOU on Netflix came out last year, it blew up. From the first couple of episodes, fans already wanted a second season. Well, our wish got granted and we got a second season! However, because last season was so intense, I'm sure they're doing everything in their power to make sure nothing about season two gets out. However, we have a ton of YOU season 2 on-set photos

Of course, to keep things as secret as possible, they probably have to get permission to post anything on set. We don't know too much about season 2, but we know enough. Joe Goldberg moves his life from New York City to Los Angeles, and even though it may sound like a good idea to run away from your problems, it's not. Joe tries to run from everything that happened in season 1, but it just creates way more problems. 

Joe has a new love interest after Beck, and a ton of new characters are making their way onto the show. As for Candace? Well, just look at the photos and see. It seems like we're getting a lot more of Joe and Candace in season 2. You can view some crazy theories about next season here, but until then, enjoy these on-set photos! 

Ambyr Childers, who plays Candace on the show, posted this photo earlier this month. The caption reads, "Who’s more of a troublemaker, Joe or Candace? #younetflix". She's actually posted a few photos from on-set, which means we're 100% getting so much more of Joe and Candace's story this season! Oh, and to answer her question, it's definitely Joe. 

You've definitely heard of comedian Chris D'Elia, and it was announced a month ago that he would have a reoccurring role on YOU. Chris will play a guy named Henderson who is a famous comedian (fitting), and he's super into anything designer. From this photo, if you look closely, that wall behind Penn and Chris looks like a hospital room. Maybe karma takes care of Joe?

These were the first photos of season 2, and they definitely didn't disappoint. You can see Penn Badgley with his new costar Victoria Pedretti, as well as Ambyr Childers. While we haven't gotten anymore table read photos, it looks like they're way into filming season 2 which means we can probably expect it pretty soon!

We're not sure who this little boy is, but this picture is so adorable. He may be a new character on the show (does he replace Paco?) or maybe just a fan on the street. Although, I'm not sure who would let their young son watch YOU. If this is a new adorable character, then this show just got so much more interesting. 

Okay, now we're talking! I know that most people have a trailer when they're on a show, but it's clear from all the photos we've gotten that Candace has a huge role in season 2, whereas in season 1 she was more of just a story. This also means that Candace could follow Joe to Los Angeles where he wanted to start over. 

Okay, so this photo isn't from on-set. But Penn Badgley posted this on his Instagram page and the caption is... interesting. The caption reads, "Very Joe Goldberg". Is this a clue for season 2? Seems like it! Penn has been very open about how much he doesn't approve of whatever Joe does, and that people shouldn't romanticize him. Maybe Joe learns his lesson this season?