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The Trailer For "You" Season 2 Is Here & Joe Goldberg Is Creepier Than Ever

The show's second season hits Netflix on December 26.

If you thought season one of You was creepy, you've got a big storm coming. Early this morning, Netflix released the You season two trailer, and it's definitely much more unsettling than the first.

The video starts with some flashbacks to part one, showing Joe and his original love interest, Beck. If you need a refresher, Beck was a customer at the bookstore Joe owned.

Shortly after meeting her, he became utterly obsessed, stalking her every social media post, her friends, and her, of course. In the trailer, the male protagonist can be heard saying, "It's hard to have a fresh start when the past is on your mind."

The romantic images of Beck and Joe then cut to clips of a character named Candace, who says, "I think we have some unfinished business to talk about."

Cue uber scary clips of Joe chasing her through the forest and holding her captive. From the looks of things, Candace was once his muse, just like Beck, but things turned upside down quickly, as they tend to do when he is around.

In the trailer, we also meet Love, who's said to be the new love interest for the upcoming season. Like the other girls from his past, Love seems to be sweet, caring, and beautiful — exactly the protagonist's type.

The show's first season took place in New York, but in the second one, we see Joe make the move to Los Angeles.

A new city isn't the only change he's making, though. In the trailer, we also hear him identify himself with a new name, Will Bettelheim.

With a completely new life, Joe is ready to reinvent himself and start fresh in LA — unless Candace can stop him, that is.

She is onto him and his creepy tendencies, and she wants to make sure that what happened to her doesn't happen to any of his new girlfriends.

As one would expect though, the stalker will stop at nothing to pursue his feelings, even if it means getting blood on his hands.

The second part of You hits Netflix on December 26. Be sure to check out the chilling trailer below.

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