Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberal party has in the past been very vocal about their disinterest in legalizing edible marijuana. The reason behind it being its overall likeness to candy — which could make edible products too appealing to kids and those under the legal purchasing age. However, the Canadian health committee has recently changed the government's marijuana legalization bill so that edible marijuana products can legally be sold across Canada.

The bill that prevented their sale originally, Bill C-45, was recently changed on Tuesday so that edibles containing marijuana and marijuana concentrates could officially be sold for recreational use.

Despite the political opposition to the legalization of edibles and more specifically the change to Bill C-45, there is a valid reason to make these popular marijuana-based treats legal.

A group of witnesses testified before the Canadian health committee warning them that by not permitting the legal purchase of edibles, the government would be leaving the door open to black-market distributors. Something they claim to be working hard to eliminate.

While there aren't too many details on the logistics or the specifics around their sale, Canadians everywhere have been told that they can look forward to purchasing edibles legally in the next two years (at least a year after legal marijuana hits store shelves).

Source: iPolitics