If there's any video of the royal wedding that you absolutely must see, it's this. The creators behind the Bad Lip Reading YouTube channel have outdone themselves with this compilation of hilarious lip readings at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding. 

The Bad Lip Reading channel has nearly 7 million subscribers, and has made brilliant spoofs of movies, TV shows and televised events. They make celebrities, athletes and politicians sound like they've completely lost their minds, and it's the most wonderful thing on the Internet. 

The lip readings from the wedding are surprisingly spot-on, and make us wonder what the royal family was really talking about during these precious moments. 

The bad lip reading starts out with a touching clip of Prince Harry and Prince William sitting side by side.  Prince William turns to Harry and asks, "So how many animals do you think I've probably killed?" Harry says, "You think I've kept count? Sixteen hundred and ninety-three. Giraffes." Lol, WHAT?

Also, the bad lip reading somehow managed to make the priest look like he's asking Harry and Meghan who their favourite Harry Potter character is. They both responded with Hagrid. True love!

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We can't stop rewatching the part where Prince Harry tells Meghan that he's surprising her with a golden unicycle. "I don't want that," Meghan replies, "That present is a fail." Idk, we're pretty convinced that that conversation actually happened.

The video ends with another clip of Prince Harry and William. "I hope you understand that we're puppets," William says. "I thought you said we had free will," Harry responds. As bizarre as it sounds, could there actually be a hint of truth to that?!