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You Will Feel Like You Are In A Magical Forest At This Georgia Campground

We are all ready for that time of the year where we can stay outside for longer than 10 minutes. Camping in the summer means getting attacked by bugs all night while sweating and getting no sleep. Lucky for us, fall is right around the corner and there are many unique spots to go camping in Georgia for a weekend. 

If you haven't heard of Cumberland Island by now, you need to read up about it. It is an island whose only residents are wild horses. There are miles of trails to explore and some that will lead you to old ruins. If you want to stay for more than a day on the island, you must camp.

Camping on Cumberland Island is really a one of a kind experience. These campgrounds are not your average camping spots, they are straight in the forest so you will be surrounded by huge pine and moss trees. They are also only $22 a night. 

Even if camping is not your cup of tea, this type of camping is worth trying out at least once. There are many places to set up your portable hotel room, it just depends on how far you want to hike. 

Each of the locations have a similar look, surrounded by the same flora and trees. The moss-covered branches will hang down close to the ground and it will make you feel like you are in an actual jungle. 

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There is a very large beach area on this island, so you also have the option of setting up camp close to the water.

The most popular location to camp on the island is Sea Camp. There are restrooms, showers, drinkable water, fire rings and even picnic tables on-site. 

If you are not ready to camp, Cumberland Island is one location in Georgia that you have to visit. Since Hurricane Dorian, some campgrounds are closed to clean debris, but they are working diligently to get it back up and running. 

Cumberland Island 

Price: $22+/night 

Address: Cumberland Island National Seashore, Cumberland Island, GA 31558 

Why You Need To Go: You will feel like you are camping in an actual jungle with all of the trees and moss-covered branches that surround your site. 

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