When you think of trains, you think of them as holding you up while you are trying to get to your destination, and usually, they are just transporting things like coal. Well, in Southwest Georgia, the SAM Shortline Train is fully active, bringing guests to historical stops. 

The cars that you ride in are vintage but have air conditioning, so it really feels like you are back in the 1940s.

There are six depots to choose from to start your train adventure. 

As you hop on board the train, you will take your seat and get ready to see some of Southwest Georgia's greatest landmarks and historical sites. 

Disclaimer, the train does not stop at every town offered on the website every day. It is best to call so you know exactly what destinations you will be traveling to. 

Some stops are longer than others, and you can even spend the night at some!

Starting off your adventure, Georgia Veterans State Park is usually the first stop. Here you will find Lake Blackshear Resort and Golf Club where you can lounge and lodge for the night and hop on the train the next morning to head home. 

Next, you might go to Leslie. This is said to be home to one of Georgia's most unique museums. South Georgia is known for its cotton fields and their deep history of farming and that is what you will find at this stop.  

The next three stops you might encounter are Americus, where you can explore the city, the Plains, where they are most famous for their peanuts and peanut butter ice cream, and lastly, the Archery, where you will find former President Jimmy Carter's boyhood farm. 

Take a day, or even a few days to explore Southwest Georgia. You can even choose what type of seat you want on the train.

You can choose from coach class ($39.99), premium seating ($49.99), or VIP lounge seating ($59.99). You can see what all each class includes, here

You'll find this train at 105 9th Ave E, Cordele, GA 31015 and you can call them at (229) 276-0755. The station and tours are open Monday thru Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

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