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You’ll Be Transported To The 1920s If You Can Get Inside This Savannah Secret Bar

You’ll need some serious skills to find out the password!
You’ll Be Transported To The 1920s If You Can Get Inside This Savannah Secret Bar

If you Google "Mata Hari in Savannah," you won't be able to find the address, and there's a special reason for that. This exclusive speakeasy doesn't just let anybody in. 

For starters, the public can't even know the location of the lounge unless they know a member. Even if you find out the address, that's not enough. To be the exclusive somebody that gets let in, you have to be given a key or know the passcode. It's located in a back alleyway so you won't pass it by on your walk down River Street.

Once you crack the code and are granted entry inside the dimly lit room, you'll be whisked away to the 1920s. Guests can choose to partake in the theme or not, but when will you get another time to don a flapper dress, feather boa, and gloves?

Along with the decor, there's a stage for performers that set the mood. Expect to hear heavy doses of jazz music, back to the late 20s where Louis Armstrong reigned supreme. If you come on certain nights, there will be cabaret dancers ready to entertain for an additional $20 ticket fee. 

To really get into the spirit, you'll need some of the absinthe cocktails. Fair warning, they're strong

If you don't know where to start in looking for the password, staying at certain hotels may be able to increase your chances. Local concierges are known for having the ability to get you in, so ask the one at your hotel.

Don't say we told you, but we heard that staying at the Riverwalk Inn is a definite way to gain entrance. If you stay elsewhere, that's totally okay. Half of the fun of the hunt for a key or passcode is bugging the locals to see if they know somebody who has access.

Good luck on the scavenger hunt ladies and gents. And if you find this door, you know what to do. 

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