Throughout Florida you can find many wetlands but there is one in specific offering an enchanting outlook and secret journey. Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve has a boardwalk that leads to a hidden lake.

The 3,500 acres of wetland ecosystem features a myriad of animals like otters, alligators, turtles, wading birds, and more. Perfect for walkers and hikers, there is a 1.5 mile boardwalk that guides you through the forest, and leads you to stumble upon a peaceful lake. During November, December and April, you can sign up for one of their daily guided walks. 

This virescent forest is home to a diverse population of plants and animals, including a few considered to be endangered. Wildlife also uses the Slough as a safe route of travel.

According to a Trip Advisor user, the preserve is ideal for people looking for a zen atmosphere. "If you like quiet nature spots, this preserve is worth a visit. Very well-maintained boardwalk and immaculately clean interpretive center provides a local wildlife viewing experience," Gerald A. says.

The Six Mile Cypress Slough (pronounced “sloo”) is open daily from dawn to dusk and is a great place to meditate while taking a stroll. You can spot different birds and turtles year round, and is a warm wonderland to explore.

Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve

Hours: Daily from dawn to dusk.

Address: 7751 Penzance Blvd., Fort Myers, FL 33966

Why you need to go: This 6-miles cypress forest leads to a hidden lake.