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You'll Love This New Reality Show On Netflix Canada If You Loved 'The Hills'

Selling Sunset is available on Netflix Canada now.

Do you ever miss The Hills? I sure do. While this new show on Netflix Canada doesn't have Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag's infamous relationship, it does have a ton of other drama you don't want to miss out on. You'll love this new reality show on Netflix Canada if you loved The Hills

This new reality show on Netflix Canada is called Selling Sunset and it's so dramatic that you'll want to binge all 8 episodes in one sitting. So cancel your weekend plans and watch these real estate agents fight over pretty much nothing. 

Selling Sunset is about real estate brokers at The Oppenheim Group which is an elite real estate company in Hollywood. Of course, where there is work in LA, there is drama. If it does seem similar to The Hills, it's probably because it's from the same creator. The drama starts when a new agent joins the team, and there is definitely some jealousy and cattiness there. 

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This group of female realtors sells homes to celebrities, and the homes they show are definitely luxury. The real estate agents, whose names are Maya, Christine, Heather, Mary, and Chrishell, are seen selling homes to millionaires but also being caught up in the drama between the group. If you recognize Chrishell, it may be because she's married to This Is Us actor Justin Hartley. 

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You'll love, hate, and envy these women all at the same time. It's actually insane how much money they make off of a sale, and if you love shows about real estate, you need to jump on it. You can view the trailer for Selling Sunsets below, and you can stream it on Netflix Canada now.