Your Old Canadian Tire Money Might Now Be Worth Thousands

Better save those bills.
Your Old Canadian Tire Money Might Now Be Worth Thousands

Remember when having stacks of Canadian Tire money only made us feel rich? Well, in today's day and age, your old bills might actually make you rich.

In a new article by Maclean's, it was reported that one man's $2 Canadian Tire bill from 1989 recently went up for auction at a reserve price of $3,000. This indicates that old Canadian Tire money may have far greater worth than simply its face value.

Marc-André Lemire, the owner of the bill, had gone shopping at Canadian Tire one day and noticed that the bill had a unique serial number arrangement on the back of it, where the amount of space between the ten digits was a few millimetres less than on a standard bill. He saved the bill, had it looked at, and found that it was actually worth a lot of money.

"If I tell somebody that I collect Canadian Tire money they usually laugh and say something like, 'Oh, so you want to buy a new barbecue?'" says Lemire. "They don’t know that these coupons can actually be worth something."

In a similar case, a 50-cent note from 1958 is now also worth much more and is being auctioned for upwards of $1,500.

Maclean's also noted that a Canadian Tire Coupon Collector's Club actually exists, and they've been compiling a list of every piece of Canadian Tire money ever found in hopes that they'd find a golden bill like Lemire did.

When it comes to determining the value of a Canadian Tire bill, collectors look for a few key things. First, the bill is more likely to be worth more if it is old. This is because it may feature certain one-of-a-kind anomalies, like mismatched serial numbers or slight changes to Sandy McTire's face. Some collectors even look for the highest and lowest serial numbers for every bill printed.

Collectors are also more interested in the story behind the bills, rather than having full collections of them.

With the company's recent switch to a digital rewards program, the dwindling circulation of old Canadian Tire bills could one day make them very valuable. The moral of the story? Keep your Canadian Tire bills handy.

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