With warm weather and blue skies making a comeback, if you're working on a Pacific Northwest bucket list for the summer, this rail bike adventure near Washington should be on it. It'll not just take you through canyons, but across rivers and forests so you can soak up the great outdoors.

Joseph Branch Railriders in Joseph, Oregon offer guided rides on a four-wheeled rail bike called the "railrider" every year between May and October.

On these two-seater bikes, you and your friends can pick from three different sceneries and peddle on the tracks while taking in all the sights. If you have a bigger group of four people, you can reserve their four-seater ride too. The more, the merrier, right? 

The best part is that you don't have to be supremely fit or need prior experience to go on these trips.

For the least sweat-breaking of them all though, you can choose the 2-hour "Valley Sights" where you can peddle through the valley at the base of the Wallowa Mountains for $30 per adult. 

They even come with an electric-assist system so you can take a breather whenever you want.

Their $60 "River Escape" trip takes you on a roundtrip journey from Minam to Rondowa while allowing you to bask in lush canyons. 

The tracks literally run along the scenic Wallowa River too. 

Since this is peddle-powered, we recommend you load up on those carbs before you get started!

Their most adventurous one is a 26-mile "Canyon Twist."

With a 48-hour advanced reservation, you can twist through the majestic canyon along the river and get gorgeous views of an open valley.

We can't think of a more scenic way to get some cardio into our routine.

The $60 tour that typically operates on Fridays and Saturdays also comes with a one-hour lunch break at Wallowa, so you can explore the town too.

Since this is the great outdoors and there's plenty of wildlife like deer, elk, red foxes, eagles, horses or even rattlesnakes that you'll be able to spot, pets aren't allowed.

Make sure to bring enough water or sports drinks, weather protection, and of course, every item you'll need to take a million photos. 

Either way, if you've been pining for a nature escape with some good friends, this one's one for the books.

Joseph Branch Railriders

Price: Ranges between $30 to $60

Address: 501 W. Alder St., Joseph, OR

Why you need to go: This rail bike adventure will let you zip through valleys and canyons at an affordable price.


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