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Your PC Optimum Card Is Now Going To Get You Gas Perks Too

Free gas and groceries? Sign me up.
Your PC Optimum Card Is Now Going To Get You Gas Perks Too

Gas and groceries are expensive. You could easily spend well over $100 on each in a single day. Other than something like rent or a mortgage these are probably two of the most expensive things you have to buy each month.

So if you’re a member of the PC Optimum program then there’s good news for you because soon you’ll be able to buy both your groceries and your gas with points instead money. Win!  

Via loblaw

Today it was announced that starting in the summer you'll be able to use your PC Optimum points at the more than 1,800 Esso stations.   

So if you're part of the program that big summer road trip you've been planning in your head may have just got cheaper.

PC Optimum members will reportedly earn 10 points per litre of fuel, as well as 10 points for every dollar they spend on eligible items at Esso convenience stores and car washes.  

There is one slight drawback, the move comes as Esso cuts ties with Areoplan, which means you won't be able to get flight miles by filling up starting on June 1. 

But lets face it, you never earn nearly enough miles to really go anywhere with that.     

Sources: Global News, CBC

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