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ZARA's Massive Black Friday Sale Starts This Week

Expect 20-50% OFF your Zara faves 👏 😮
ZARA's Massive Black Friday Sale Starts This Week

It's the most wonderful time of the year : Black Friday!! Easily one of the most celebrated days of the year for occasional shoppers and self-professed addicts alike, the plethora of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals that are hitting your fave stores this week have already begun.

But one brand in particular who regularly participates in the Black Friday festivities is keeping extra mum about what crazy deals shoppers can expect from their brand this year.

Which totally makes us think that this sale is going to be massive and needs no hype to get people flocking to their store and online shop.

The store in question is none other than the Spanish affordable fashion brand, ZARA. Historically, the brand we all know and love has offered some of the BEST deals of any brand, with previous years boasting 20-50% off of some of their hottest seasonal items.

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This year, the brand is totes teasing us because they still have not mentioned their Black Friday deals.

But don't fret - the brand already confirmed that they will definitely be participating in the shenanigans after fans began to worry earlier this year that they would opt out.

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If you've been paying attention, however, their notable silence is exactly how they behaved last year, when they didn't make a huge announcement about its deals like other stores did, only to reveal in stores that all of their iconic knitwear and dresses were reduced by 30 per cent.

And if you're thinking that 20 to 30 per cent off during Black Friday isn't a great deal, you're probably forgetting how affordably priced most ZARA products are, and that they often place countless items on the 'SALE' rack to begin with.

So since no official deals have been released, you'll want to stay on the lookout for their massive Black Friday sale, which starts this Friday and goes through the weekend to Cyber Monday.

Source: Echo, Elite Daily