There's nothing quite like imbibing incredible cocktails with friends, but if you're bored of your usual, then why not mix it up? We've put together a list of zodiac-inspired cocktails so that your signature drink will match your zodiac sign's personality! Whether you're sipping on a patio, trying a new bar or mixing up something at home, the bevies on this list are going to totally tempt you.

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Cocktails are a magical mix of booze and ingredients. Each one is its own distinct expression of flavours and it's a trip for the senses. Depending on your zodiac sign, you might be more drawn to something colourful and fruity or something floral and seductive!

Scroll down to see which cocktail you should make your signature drink based on your zodiac sign.

Aries ♈ Kir Royale

Nothing but the finest champagne will do for glam Aries! They'll love sipping on crème de cassis (a blackcurrant liqueur) with champagne this summer. Plus, it's so pink.

Taurus ♉ Gin and Tonic

The classic G and T is perfect for practical Taurus. At first, it seems straight forward but when you think of all the different notes of botanicals in this drink, it's actually complex just like a deep Taurus.

Gemini ♊ Tequila Sunrise

Geminis are kids at heart and they just want to have fun. They're not afraid to order a tequila sunrise (or even a Shirley Temple!) when the person next to them just ordered a vintage off of the wine list at the restaurant.

Cancer ♋ Painkiller

Cancers just try and take care of everyone around them. Give them a painkiller, a delicious tiki drink that's a unique twist on a piña colada and it will act as a literal chill pill when their nurturing tendencies are in over-drive.

Leo ♌ Sangria

A Leo is always the life of the party and their robust nature is perfectly suited for a wine cocktail like sangria! Bold and fruity? That's a Leo.

Virgo ♍ Mojito

A good mojito will give you a mouthful of herby freshness with giant sprigs of mint — it's perfect for the Earth goddess sign. Serve it unsweetened for the most au natural cocktail imaginable.

Libra ♎ Paloma

Libra needs things to be chill, and paloma is Spanish for "dove" so it evokes a peacefulness that Libra will find very alluring. Open-minded Libra will love the combo of tequila and sweet-sour grapefruit!

Scorpio ♏ Mint Julep

There is something about the way the cool mint and fiery bourbon combine in a mint julep that perfectly encapsulates a Scorpio's passionate personality.

Sagittarius ♐ Caipirinha

Sagittarius loves adventures, travel and exploration. A Brazillian caipirinha made with cachaça will satisfy their wanderlust without leaving the bar!

Capricorn ♑ Negroni

Capricorns are going to be drawn to the traditional, strong and simple cocktails like a classy Italian Negroni which has been popular for 100 years! Perfect for a no-fuss Capricorn.

Aquarius ♒ Aperol Spritz

Playful Aquarius is always changing their mind! Their signature drink will be different every time you go out with them. They should go for the sunset orange Aperol Spritz, a super popular choice, and they'll change their mind again by the end of the month, trust me.

Pisces ♓ Margarita

Salted-rim margaritas on the rocks are made for Pisces. The punchy bevy has the same sweetness and creative potential as a Pisces.