More often than not, celebrity couples take the world by total surprise, but when the public gets over the shock, they can't imagine the thought of those pairs splitting up. One of the internet's favourite celebrity couples right now is Zooey Deschanel and Jonathan Scott, but it looks like the duo almost never came to be.

Deschanel and Scott went public with their relationship back in September of this year, and since then they've been spending plenty of time together vacationing in Las Vegas and celebrating Thanksgiving.

Before she met the Property Brothers star, Deschanel was married to film producer Jacob Pechenik. The pair had two kids together but cited "irreconcilable differences" when filing for divorce earlier this year.

Scott is no stranger to the married life either — in 2007 he married Kelsy Ully. The pair divorced in 2013, and in 2015, he entered into a long term relationship with Jacinta Kuznetsoz until 2018.

When he was single back in 2014, Scott was actually contacted by The Bachelor producers and offered a spot as the star of the show.

"They actually asked me to be The Bachelor, but I turned it down. Now, Temptation Island is the kind of show I would be more interested in," he told Parade back in 2014.

Although The Bachelor doesn't always result in happy marriages, there's a chance that if he would've accepted the offer, Scott could be married to someone else right now, and he and Deschanel never would have met.

The pair is very clearly happy with one another though, so it's a good thing that Scott turned down the chance to star in yet another reality TV show.

Another thing you may not know about Scott is that he loves to practice magic, and is actually a very talented magician.

"I’m a magician. A lot of people don’t know that I’ve won awards. I used to do big stage shows. Keep an eye on me—maybe I’ll do more magic this year, put some videos up online,” he told Parade.

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