When you're a regular person, your dating options can feel pretty limited. Sure, you can use dating apps to meet people online, but if you want a serious relationship, you're pretty much stuck with friends, classmates, or friends of friends. For celebrities though, the dating options are endless, which sometimes leads to some very unexpected couples! Zooey Deschanel and Jonathan Scott's relationship is the cutest thing ever.

Over the past weekend, news broke that American actress Zooey Deschanel is now dating Canadian reality TV star Jonathan Scott - if that's not a seriously unlikely pair, I don't know what is!

The pair actually met while filming for James Corden's hit TV show Carpool Karaoke, and quickly realized that their new friendship could blossom into something much bigger than that - hence the beginning of a wonderful (and hopefully long-lasting) relationship.

A source told People that the new couple bonded over their mutual love for music, but they also have plenty of other things in common. "He makes her laugh and he’s so sweet to her. They bonded over a shared love of music. He’s very close to his family and loves children."

Deschanel has two children of her own, Elsie (4) and Charlie (2), from her ex-husband of four years, Jacob Pechenik. Scott has yet to be introduced to the two kids as the relationship is still quite fresh, but we're sure he'll make a good impression if he gets the chance to meet them!

The Canadian Property Brothers star spends most of his time living in Las Vegas, so he and Deschanel are able to meet up in her home city of Los Angeles on a regular basis! The source also added that Deschanel is "very happy and in a good place" entering into this relationship with Scott, so fingers crossed that things stay that way!