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Just like Jim and Pam from The Office, pizza and beer were made for each other and now they can finally be together.

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If you've already seen the winter weather forecast and are dreading the storms coming our way, you may already be mentally packing your bags and thinking about escaping the cold winter months. Most trips to tropical places in the world are pretty expensive, especially if you have a big family, but if you plan ahead you can get some really sweet deals. How do super cheap flights from Hamilton to the Mexican resorts of Puerto Vallarta or Cancun sound?

Deals are up and ready for dates until April 2020 so planning a trip might have gotten just a bit easier. If you plan to travel with some friends or even family, Swoop airlines has some cheap flights for a week flying out of Hamilton, Ontario right to sunny Puerto Vallarta which are about as affordable as you could hope for!

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