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Summer's back again for Canadians to gather with friends, blast some groovy tunes and shake off the winter blues. And with warm weather and longer days just around the corner, there's no time like the present to go full summer.

But if you're feeling a little underprepared for all the possibilities this season holds, you can trust that Canadian Tire has you covered.

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If you're a pet parent, you know how much joy, love and laughter animals bring to your life each day. So giving them anything and everything they need is a no-brainer.

IAMS understands how important your pets' well-being is, and they want pet parents to see how routine care like regular vet visits, proper diet and exercise, and consistent grooming go a long way in helping keep them happy and healthy for life.

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Summer's finally here, and so are the familiar smells of sunscreen, bug spray and barbecue that declare it's time to soak up the sunshine and enjoy all the activities that go with it.

From strolling with a cone of artisanal ice cream to days-long kayaking adventures, there's no shortage of fun things you can do under the sun this year.

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Hey there, thrill-seekers of Alberta! Get ready to be captivated by the spellbinding performances of the Royal Canadian International Circus, as it returns to Calgary and Edmonton with an extravaganza that's simply unmissable! This travelling circus, which only comes once a year, is like stepping into a bygone era of European and American charm. There'll only be amazing humans performing at these shows, so no animals!

With new and exciting acts each year, including some that have wowed audiences on America's Got Talent, it's a gathering of the finest performers. These skilled artists hail from multi-generation circus families all over the world, bringing you daring stunts, breathtaking aerial displays, mind-bending contortionists, captivating magic, and even a hilarious father-daughter clown duo!

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While an engagement photoshoot is a big milestone couples take before their big day, it doesn't necessarily mean they'll go through with all of it on their wedding day.

Shayla Herrington is a wedding photographer who has seen quite a few weddings called off and she says there are some recurring signs she's noticed during engagement shoots that may indicate a break-up is in a couple's future.

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