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7 Things You Need To Know If You're Taking A Vacation Abroad This Summer No Matter What

Check your destination accepts the COVID-19 vaccine course you received!👇✈️

Although the federal government continues to advise against all non-essential travel outside of Canada, an increasing number of Canadians are planning to head overseas this summer.

While the decision to take an international trip is ultimately up to the individual, there are a number of things all travellers should consider before packing their bags.

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Canada Is Reopening Its Borders Pretty Soon But The Feds Still Don’t Want You To Travel

Canada's borders will reopen to all fully vaccinated travellers in September.👇

Canada's travel restrictions will begin lifting this month, but the feds don't want you to book a vacation just yet.

From August 9, fully vaccinated Americans will be able to enter Canada for non-essential purposes, including travel, tourism and visiting friends and family.

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8 Gorgeous Places In Ontario That Are Like A Summertime Trip To Greece

Grab your bag and leave your passport behind!

You may not be able to find the Acropolis in Ontario, but you can still find some gorgeous places with Greek vibes right here in the province.

Turquoise waters, towering cliffs, and patios worthy of Santorini await at these spots, and they make for a perfect summer day trip, no plane ticket needed.

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Two Travellers Were Fined Nearly $20K Each For Using Fake COVID-19 Documents At Pearson

They were caught providing fake vaccine passports and pre-departure tests, in addition to other offences.👇

Two travellers from the United States have been fined almost $20,000 each after they were caught breaking a number of Canada's travel rules.

In a notice shared on July 30, the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) confirmed that multiple fines had been issued to two passengers arriving in Toronto Pearson from the U.S. the week of July 18.

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Millions Of Canadians May Struggle To Go Abroad Or On A Cruise Due To Their COVID-19 Vaccine

Here's everything you need to know.👇

Millions of Canadians may face harsher restrictions when travelling overseas or on cruise ships, depending on the COVID-19 vaccine course they received.

This is because not every country has approved exactly the same COVID-19 vaccine dose courses as Canada. It means that while some Canadians are fully vaccinated here at home, they are not considered to be fully vaccinated in other places.

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We Spoke To A Travel Influencer About The Return Of Travel & What Every Canadian Should Know

Didier Young shares his top tips on how his Amex Card makes travelling easier.

It's finally happening. The streets are bustling, restaurants are seating again and office workers are returning to their desks. There's a sense that normalcy is just around the corner.

For many, travel plans are now within reach too. With vaccination rates climbing and borders opening up, booking a plane ticket or hotel room feels possible again. Whether you want to go abroad or stay within Canada, you can finally scratch that travel itch.

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