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15 Spontaneous Day Trips You Absolutely Need To Take Less Than 3 Hours Away From Savannah

Get the heck outta there for the weekend 🚗

Getting out of your city for a few hours, or maybe even the whole freakin' weekend, is sometimes needed to clear your mind after a long week. The hardest part is usually picking where you want to go. To make your life a little easier, here's a list of 15 spontaneous day trips near Savannah that are less than three hours away.

The last thing you probably want to do when the weekend comes around is travel in the car for hours on end. These spots are all under three hours away from the Hostess of the South, some even around that long for a round trip. 

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This Savannah Variety Shop Is A Quirky & Colorful Hippie Haven

It even doubles as a sweet treats shop!😍🍭

Savannah is known for being one of the most haunted cities in The Peach State. Some may also consider it to be one of the most artistic and creative places in Georgia. One Savannah shop, Starland Strange, is such a place where you can freely express yourself and soak up some of the city's creativity.

You'll find Starland Strange located in the Starland District of Savannah, just a short trek away from Starland Yard — a shipping container park packed with bars, restaurants, and food trucks.

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This Hidden Savannah Bookstore Is A Literary Wonderland With Reads As Cheap As $1

There's nothing like the smell of a discounted old book store.

When stepping into an old book store, it can feel like you've stepped into a fairytale. From the smell of the books to the creaky wooden floors, there really isn't anything else like walking into one of these cozy little shops for bibliophiles. There's one bookstore in Savannah that's a true hidden gem, with affordable reads, and even a tiny coffee shop.

The Book Lady Bookstore in Savannah is so small that if you blink while you pass it, you'll probably miss it. It's nestled into the side of a building with a red door, so that'll tell you if you've made it to the right place or not.

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You Can Make A Day Escape To This Secluded Island Near Georgia For Under $40

Less than an hour from Savannah.

The coast of Georgia has a number of beautiful beaches and islands which make for a perfect weekend or day trip. But there are shores off the coast of South Carolina just a hop, skip and a jump away from The Peach State worth exploring as well, especially when they're as affordable as this one. Daufuskie Island near Georgia is secluded, beautiful, and offers a whole day of fun. 

Daufuskie Island is just a little ways away from Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, and only about 45 to 55 minutes away from Savannah, Georgia — a totally doable day trip.

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You & 5 BFFs Can Rent An Entire Private Island Near Georgia & It's Surprisingly Affordable

Yes, for real.

When you think of someone owning or staying on a private island, you probably think of that only being for the rich and famous. But believe it or not, you can actually go on an island escape without breaking the bank near Georgia. This private island Airbnb rental is calling you and five of your friends' names.

Narcity may receive a portion of sales if you purchase something from this article, which was created independently by Narcity's editorial team just for you.

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You'll Feel Like A Disney Princess At This Fairy Tale Castle-Like Island Resort In Georgia

Your own modern-day fairy tale.

Georgia's southern coast is covered in beaches and islands that are all too beautiful to miss out on. Some are more popular and touristy than the others, but one offers a more simple, less crowded escape and will make you feel like you've traveled into a fairy tale. Jekyll Island has 10-miles of untouched beach and a resort that will unlock your inner Disney Princess.

Jekyll Island Club Resort is located at the heart of the Jekyll Island Historic District and this club looks like it was pulled right out of a fairy tale storybook.

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