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Here's Who Has Been Using Ontario's New Sick Day Program Most After $14.1M In Claims

Mississauga is a hot spot for claims!

The Ontario Government implemented paid sick days for workers affected by COVID-19 in late April this year, and so far, $14.1 million worth of claims have been made.

The top three cities to cash in on sick days have been Mississauga, Toronto and Scarborough, and the leading industries for claims so far are manufacturing, construction and retail, according to government statistics released on July 16.

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Another Ride Got Stuck At Canada's Wonderland & Left People Dangling At 135 Feet

Naturally, there's a TikTok video of the ordeal.

Is it really surprising that people are flocking to Canada's Wonderland this year? After all, most GTA summer activities were banned in 2020 due to the pandemic, so why not get your thrills there? I mean, apart from the whole malfunctioning rides thing.

A TikTok video was shared on Thursday, July 22, that showed Skyhawk, a ride at the amusement park that maneuvers people through 360-degree turns at 135 feet in the air, frozen in midair leaving its passengers dangling.

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Scammers Are Legit Pretending To Be Mounties To Steal Cash & Identities From Canadians

Spoof callers are causing some serious issues for Ontarians.

It is time to screen your calls, folks — some scammers are sneakily "spoofing" an RCMP detachment phone number and are hustling personal information out of callers.

On Friday, the RCMP issued a public warning of fraudulent calls that are claiming to come directly from an RCMP detachment in London, Ontario.

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Ontario Nurses Are Fighting To Make Vaccinations Mandatory For Health Care Workers

"The first duty should be do no harm."

Even though Premier Doug Ford confirmed earlier this month that health care workers won't be required to get a COVID-19 vaccine, the Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario (RNAO) is still fighting.

In an open letter addressed to Ford on July 20, RNAO provided several sources in support of their argument to make COVID-19 vaccines mandatory for all of Ontario's health care workers. Now the organization has set up a new call-to-action campaign to take their fight a step further.

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160K Condoms Are Being Dished Out To Olympic Athletes & They've Been Asked Not To Use Them

They're even being advised to avoid hugging each other.

The Olympics are finally back and while things may look a little bit different this time around, athletes have travelled to Olympic Village per usual.

According to NPR, the organizers of the Tokyo Olympics have ordered 160,000 condoms to be distributed among the athletes.

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CN Tower Is Getting A $21M Revamp With Trippy Video Walls & A Scarier Glass Floor (PHOTOS)

The tower is going to look totally different inside!

One of Canada's most iconic landmarks, the CN Tower just received a $21 million investment from the minister of public services, and it's going to be a major glow-up.

The project will "modernize" the tower's outdoor terrace and maximize year-round indoor viewing capacity with a whole new renovated space.

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