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A US Congressman Introduced Legislation For A 4-Day Workweek & This Is Why

It would reduce the standard workweek from 40 hours to 32 hours.

A U.S. democratic congressman has introduced legislation that would make four-day workweeks the norm and reduce the traditional working week from 40 hours to 32 hours.

In a press release issued on July 27, Congressman Mark Takano laid out the reasons for the proposed legislation, arguing that the change would "benefit both employers and employees alike."

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An Ontario Man Has Drowned During An Ironman Race In Alberta

Organizers of the event have released a statement.

An Ironman race in Alberta ended in tragedy over the weekend after one of its athletes drowned during the competition.

Organizers of the Ironman 70.3 Calgary triathlon said their safety personnel were alerted to an athlete in distress during the swimming part of the race on Sunday, August 1.

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Kids In Ontario Predicted What Would Happen in 2020 & It's So Close To Reality It's Creepy

Remote, online learning and an unknown disease 😱

In 1999, children across Ontario were given a book and asked to predict what they thought the world would look like in 2020.

The book, entitled My Ontario: The Millennium Memento, was distributed to children in primary and secondary schools across the province.

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Quebec Is Offering Third COVID-19 Vaccine Doses To People Who Had Mix & Match

It's to help travellers whose vaccination status isn't recognized in other countries.👇

The Quebec government is offering third doses of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines to residents who want to travel to places that don't currently recognize their vaccination status.

The province made the decision after it became clear that some countries do not consider people with mixed vaccine doses or COVISHIELD doses to be fully vaccinated.

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Multiple Frozen Mango Packets Are Being Recalled Across Canada Due To A Hepatitis A Risk

Three people have tested positive for Hepatitis A after consuming the frozen mangoes.

A frozen mango recall has been issued by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) due to a possible Hepatitis A contamination.

The notice — which was issued on July 31 — warns that multiple brands could be affected. This includes products that are commonly sold at Sobeys and Loblaws stores across Canada.

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An Ontario Humane Society Is Rescuing So Many Dogs From The US & You Can Adopt Them Soon

Up to 15 dogs will be up for adoption next week!

North Bay Humane Society is rescuing 10 to 15 dogs from Kentucky this weekend, and they will all need forever homes as soon as they are processed.

Janet Bredin, shelter manager of the North Bay Humane Society, told Narcity that the population in US shelters is "astronomical" compared to Ontario shelters.

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