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Computer Science, English Language and Literature, Accounting, History...Whatever, we know the drill. Most students will begin their college or university career with an undeclared degree, hoping to decide on a major within their freshman year or because parental pressure made them think there was no other choice but to be a doctor or a lawyer. But what if you got weird with it instead?

Well, you're in luck because I got weird so you don't have to. Are you unsure of what you want to major in school? How about you try something absolutely different from the norm and choose a major from this list of eight unusual but cool college degrees in Canada? If you're already enrolled in a program or are a recent graduate, you'll most likely regret not majoring in these fields because not to toot my own horn, but they're pretty dang cool.

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Looking for a quiet escape? A visit to the Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Nestled near the Blue Mountain Village, the 25-acre property has some of the most beautiful views Mother Nature has to offer, and it's just a short two-hour drive from Toronto. Scandinave Spa's outdoor thermal pools are reminiscent of a trip to Iceland's Blue Lagoon hot springs without leaving Ontario.

Described as a "relaxation journey," there are three components to the spa's outdoor circuit — heat, cold and quiet. Starting with a 15-minute stay in the dry sauna, the heat helps circulation and imparts a sense of calm to the body. Next, a shock to the system with a 30-second cold plunge in temperatures just above freezing. Last, 15 minutes of rest in the spa's silent areas, with a focus on deep breathing and introspection. There are also outdoor thermal pools for an added area of relaxation.

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After several days of no change, Ontario gas prices appear to be embarking on yet another upwards trend, so pay attention, drivers!

According to gas analyst Dan McTeague, gas prices could rise by three cents on Friday, bringing totals up to 166.9 cents per litre in areas such as Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa, Windsor and St. Catharines.

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Ontario has a handful of statutory holidays left this year, and here's how to optimize your time off.

Ontario has nine statutory holidays throughout 2023, and only five are left for the rest of the year, which means you have a few more opportunities to optimize these days with your paid time off to get the perfect four-day weekends or extended holidays, without burning through your PTO.

Ontario has plenty of dreamy weekend getaways to enjoy, from a quick trip up to wine country — where you can sip endless glasses of chardonnay under the sun — or a quaint cottage up north where you can disconnect from the hustle and bustle and plug in with nature.

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The Toronto Police Service (TPS) is investigating an alleged assault at a local Tim Hortons drive-thru that left an employee with "severe" burns.

In the early morning of Thursday, May 18, police said an angry customer was handed a hot coffee and immediately threw it back at the employee who gave it to him.

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