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Every city has its quirks, and Calgary is certainly no exception. In fact, there are so many weird things about the city that you'll only know if you've lived here.

One Reddit user asked Calgarians about some of the biggest lessons they've learned through living in the city, and locals were quick to point out the good, the bad and the ugly truths.

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The Lotto Max results are in and an Alberta man won a wild amount playing the Lotto Max from the April 25 Lotto Max draw, all thanks to his girlfriend's sweet tooth.

The Lotto Max winner, Aaron Parsons, said that he bought his lucky lottery ticket from a 7-Eleven in Lethbridge, along with some baking ingredients for a cake.

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Alberta declared a state of emergency after almost 30,000 Albertans were evacuated from their homes as over one hundred wildfires rage in the province.

In a press conference on Saturday, May 6, Premier Danielle Smith said the move would give the government "greater powers" to respond to the situation, including access to emergency funds, being able to mobilize additional support and they could work with municipalities, organizations and businesses to support affected residents.

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The Alberta election has officially been called and Albertans will be heading to the polls later this month to cast their vote.

The election officially kicked off on Monday, May 1, ahead of the 31st provincial election on Monday, May 29.

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If you've ever found yourself in the cesspit that is dating apps and wondered what you could possibly be doing wrong that you're just not attracting the right people, you can be safe in the knowledge that it's not just you.

Devan Rylee, a TikToker in Calgary, made some TikTok videos to show her experiences of online dating in Calgary and honestly, so many of them will make you cringe.

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