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Texas Grad Goes Viral With A Surprise Speech On 'Dehumanizing' Abortion Law (VIDEO)

Even Hillary Clinton tweeted about the speech.

A valedictorian in Texas is blowing up the internet with her passionate speech on a new anti-abortion law in the state being called the "Heartbeat Bill."

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A Digital Driver's License May Soon Become A Thing In Texas

If passed, a new bill will create a pilot program for digital identification.

Texas may soon allow driver's licenses to be accessible on residents' cell phones.

A new bill, dubbed HB 273, was filed by Democratic State Representative Terry Canales, and, if passed, will create a pilot program for digital identification in the Lone Star State.

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This NBA Team Will Start Accepting A Meme-Themed Cryptocurrency As Ticket Payment

Dogecoin is a meme-based cryptocurrency featuring the face of a Shiba Inu.

Cryptocurrencies continue to rise in popularity as more companies start accepting them as forms of payment.  

Mark Cuban and his NBA team, the Dallas Mavericks, have been accepting cryptocurrencies for nearly two years, but they are now the first organization to allow fans to use the meme-themed cryptocurrency known as Dogecoin to buy tickets and merchandise.

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North Texas Finally Has Its Own Mysterious Monolith (PHOTOS)

It definitely does not live up to the saying "Everything is bigger in Texas."

One of the most mysterious things that happened in the infamous 2020 was the appearance of multiple strange silver monoliths.

Starting in Utah, these strange metal structures have popped up all around the world, and now they're back for more in 2021 after one has been spotted in North Texas.

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Mountain Lions Are In North Texas Right Now And They're Not Supposed To Be There (VIDEO)

Anybody have random Mountain Lions on their 2020 bingo card?

Texas has an insane variety of wildlife, and even Mountain Lions are common in certain areas, but some have recently been spotted chasing the city life.

As of Friday, December 11, there have been two mountain lion spottings in urban areas of North Texas, which has residents just a little freaked out.

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The World's Tallest Interactive Fountain Is Coming To Dallas

It looks like something straight out of Disney World

Dallas' Klyde Warren Park is receiving an absolutely massive early Christmas present.

The park will soon be the site of the "World's Tallest Interactive Fountain," which will feature an island of stainless steel "trees" that will shoot water up to 55 feet in the air.

Every night, the fountain will come to life with colorful lights sending streams of shimmering water into the air perfectly synchronized to musical soundtracks in a show which rivals that of The Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas.

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