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A 3.8 Magnitude Earthquake Just Hit Parts Of Quebec & The Memes Are Perfect

It didn't take long for memes to start appearing online! 🤣

If you felt a tremble this morning, you're not the only one! A 3.8 magnitude earthquake shook Montreal on Monday and there are already memes to prove it.

Earthquakes Canada confirmed that the seismic event occurred at around 7 a.m. in the Joliette region of Quebec.

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19 Rescue Dogs Just Arrived In Canada From Lebanon & The Photos Will Melt Your Heart

They're off to their furever homes! 🥺

Talk about wholesome! Nineteen rescue dogs in Canada have found their forever homes after they took a long flight from Lebanon to Montreal this week.

On Tuesday, May 11, the furry group touched down at Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport after they were rescued from abroad by animal welfare organization Rescue Dogs Lebanon-Canada.

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Old Montreal Looked Apocalyptic During Last Night's Anti-Curfew Riot (VIDEOS)

Protestors smashed windows and started a giant fire.

Quebec reinstated an 8 p.m. curfew in Montreal and Laval on Sunday, April 11, and residents took to the streets to protest. 

Over 1,000 people gathered in Montreal's Old Port on Sunday night in defiance of the earlier curfew, smashing windows and starting fires before police eventually broke everything up. 

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McGill Has Removed Multiple Students From Residence For Ignoring COVID-19 Rules

The students had received several warnings.

A Canadian university has kicked some of its students out of their residences for ignoring COVID-19 rules.

McGill University issued a temporary exclusion order after students allegedly disobeyed public health measures.

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A Young Quebec Boy Stole A Vehicle To Go See His Dad & It Caused A Police Chase

A carpet of nails was laid down to stop the boy.

It seems that one boy in Quebec would stop at nothing to visit his dad this week. 

According to 98.5 FM Montreal, the boy ended up stealing a vehicle before driving it south down Route 105, resulting in a Quebec police chase.  

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Kamala Harris’ Canadian High School Just Had The Sweetest Message For The New VP (VIDEO)

"Someone from my high school actually made it to the White House."

It's sometimes hard to believe that the first-ever female vice president in U.S history was once just a regular high school student in Canada.

But that's the case for Vice President-elect Kamala Harris who will be inaugurated today and take her place alongside President-elect Joe Biden as leaders of their country.

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