James William Awad Is Hiring A $1 Million Assistant But Some Of The Duties Are Really Weird

You could make big bucks to bring him fruit every morning. 😬

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James William Awad Is Hiring A $1 Million Assistant But Some Of The Duties Are Really Weird

If you're looking for an unusual job opportunity, this could be it. James William Awad is hiring a personal assistant, but the duties are definitely… unique.

The controversial 111 Private Club owner took to social media over the weekend to announce that "it's time" for him to hire a personal assistant.

While he did not confirm any details about the role at the time, he claimed on his Instagram story that the starting salary for the position would be $1 million per year.

In an interview with MTL Blog, the business owner revealed what sort of duties his assistant would be expected to perform, and some are unusual, to say the least.

"First thing would be, bringing me a bowl of fruits every morning," Awad revealed on Monday, February 7.

He also said that the individual would be responsible for standard assistant stuff, like setting up his calendars and meetings, processing his mail and emails, and ensuring all of his bills are paid on time.

They'd also have to take Awad's phone calls, follow up on maintenance for his "houses, cars and buildings" and contact others on his behalf.

But that's not all. The employee would also have to make sure he gets "at least one facial, massage, haircut, pedicure and manicure booked weekly" and make sure his "cars and suits are always clean."

"And for the rest, I want the personal assistant to be creative for making my life easier," he told MTL Blog.

If you're not put off yet, in exchange for the hefty salary Awad added that it would be a "24/7 job." He says housing and a car would be provided, though.

Whoever is brave enough to take up the private club owner's million-dollar offer should be prepared for some controversy though, as Awad is apparently not afraid of a little drama.

He made headlines in January 2022 after organizing the infamous Sunwing party plane trip from Montreal to Cancun for the influencers who are members of his exclusive company, 111 Private Club.

He strongly hit back against those who criticized the group's actions and has recently threatened to sue airlines for failing to fly him and other passengers home from Mexico.

You know what they say — big salary, even bigger expectations.

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