The CFL Is Set To Kick Off Its Season This Summer & Fans Could Return To The Stadiums

The season is set to start this August.

Canadian sports fans could soon be able to cheer on their favourite football teams in person again.

The CFL announced that its Board of Governors voted unanimously to return to its 14-game regular season on August 5 ahead of the 108th Grey Cup finals.

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A Game At Euro 2020 Was Postponed After A Player Collapsed On The Field

UEFA has confirmed that the player is stable and in hospital.

A game at the Euro 2020 Championship between Denmark and Finland has been postponed after a player collapsed on the field and medics had to perform CPR.

UPDATE: UEFA confirmed that Christian Eriksen has been transferred to hospital and stabilized. Eriksen is awake, according to the Danish football association, and the game is scheduled to resume later this afternoon.

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Leafs Fans Are Beyond Offended By The CN Tower's Tribute To The Habs Last Night (PHOTO)

"As an honest Leafs fan, I'm vomiting watching this."

It's a little too soon for Toronto to show any love to the Montreal Canadiens — at least, that's what a lot of Leafs fans had to say on Twitter when they saw the CN Tower's plans for its Tuesday night light show.

Just over a week after Montreal kicked Toronto out of the first round of the playoffs, the CN Tower announced that they'd be lighting up red, white, and blue as the Habs "represent Canada's hope for a 2021 NHL Stanley Cup!"

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Canada Will Let American NHLers Cross The Border For The Playoffs But Only On Private Jets

Fine, you can come, but only on a luxury aircraft.

On Sunday, June 6, an announcement was made about border exemptions for the final two rounds of the NHL playoffs.

According to the NHL, teams will be allowed to cross the border from the U.S. to play in Canada for the Stanley Cup Semifinals and potentially the Final, as well.

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Edmonton's CFL Team Have A Whole New Look & A Whole New Team Name

Antler up, Edmonton!

Say hello to the CFL's newest not-so-new team: the Edmonton Elks.

A year after Edmonton's CFL team announced they were officially changing their name, the Elks announced a whole bunch of new changes — including a new name — on June 1, 2021.

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Fans Are Roasting The Leafs To Cope With Their Sadness About Last Night’s Loss (VIDEOS)

"They're called the Leafs because they fall at the end of the season."

It looks like the Toronto Maple Leafs cannot get rid of that Game 7 curse. Despite the unwavering loyalty of their devoted fans, Toronto's NHL team hasn't moved past the first round of the playoffs since 2004 — after last night, though, it's clear that even Leafs fans have their limits.

Many fans took to social media to cope with the pain of the Game 7 loss, sharing their emotional reactions and roasting the team with painfully accurate jokes.

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