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Atlanta Falcons' Matt Ryan Is Already Prepping His Son For The NFL & It's Adorable (VIDEO)

An NFL star in the making.

The Atlanta Falcons’ Matt Ryan posted the cutest video of his son playing football with him at home on his Instagram.

The quarterback is starting ‘em young as Ryan sets up his son to snap the ball to him — gotta get in practice even on a bye-week.

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You Can Picnic On The Field At Truist Park & Watch The Braves Play On The Big Screen

These are the best seats in the house!

Truist Park, home of the Atlanta Braves, is hosting watch parties for the National League Championship Series and fans can picnic in the outfield. 

You and your crew will have the best seats in the house to watch the Braves play the Dodgers on the big screen. 

The field experience ticket option allows fans to sit in the outfield in an 8x12 space called a POD. 

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The Braves' Freddie Freeman Got Caught Blowing Kisses Just Before The Game (VIDEO)

His wife called him out!

Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman was caught blowing kisses to someone off-camera during warm-ups at Truist Park before the start of game 3 of the National League Division Series (NLDS) against the Miami Marlins. 

Many assumed the kisses were directed towards his wife, Chelsea Freeman, who must've been sitting in the stands. 

Nope. Chelsea tweeted a video of Freddie making heart symbols to the stands saying, "But I’m not at the field yet," leaving everyone wondering who exactly he was making eyes at.

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Atlanta Braves' Freddie Freeman Is Donating $125K To Local Charities In The City

We stan you, Freddie.

When there's a national crisis, the community comes together and usually bonds stronger than ever. Those who have the ability to donate money or resources to those in need step-up without being asked. This Atlanta Braves' player is donating $125,000 to The City of Atlanta to support locals who are in financial strain. 

Freddie Freeman, the Atlanta Braves' first-baseman, is giving back to the community that has supported his career and journey for years. 

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Atlanta United’s Josef Martinez Is Receiving An Outpour Of Love From Fans After Injury

Fans are hoping for a quick bounce back.

This past Saturday, February 29, one of Atlanta United's star players was badly injured during a match against Nashville Soccer Club. Although they still pulled the win, Georgia fans have their fingers crossed that Josef Martinez's injury won't cost the team any victories in the future. Martinez supporters are showing all their love on social media as he heals.

Atlanta United's week one victory against Nashville SC goes to show how the team continues to carry over success in the new season. However, a win doesn't always come without obstacles.

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Atlanta United's New Service Puppy Already Has 11K Followers On Instagram

Move over, Airbud.

Animal themes aren't rare when it comes to Georgia sports. We've already got the iconic Bulldogs, Hawks and Falcons, but now Major League Soccer is hopping on the train too. The Atlanta United puppy is the most adorable new addition to the team, but he's actually not a mascot.

Spike, a precious yellow Labrador Retriever, was recently announced (January 23) as the newest Atlanta United member, but he is more than just a symbol of the team. He is actually training to be a service dog. 

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