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An investigation has been launched within Hockey Calgary following two "disturbing" videos from a minor hockey dressing room. 

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

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It's trade season and the Calgary Flames' roster now includes Jacob Markstrom, formally of the Vancouver Canucks. 

The Swedish goalie signed with the Flames on October 9 and left the Canucks in the dust for the nice, long six-year contract.

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While some of us may center ourselves around hockey, Calgary Flames Milan Lucic is busy living his best dad life in Alberta. 

Lucic is a father of three and when he’s not busy winning the Stanley Cup or showing off his skating skills, he’s out exploring all the hidden gems of Alberta. 

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Albertans can kiss their playoff dreams goodbye. On Thursday, August 20, the Calgary Flames suffered a 7-3 loss against the Dallas Stars, resulting in them getting booted out of the playoffs. In the midst of the loss, Matthew Tkachuk's reaction really said it all. 

Thursday night's game against Dallas was a must-win for the Flames if they wanted to advance to the next round. 

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Hockey is making a comeback and we couldn’t be more excited about it. While sports haven't been all that exciting over the past few months, they're coming back with force. The NHL is about to get a little bit bigger thanks to a new Seattle NHL team. The Calgary Flames put out a creative welcome video for the team and it’s the best thing ever. 

Exhibition games have already begun and it feels great to have Canada’s past time back. 

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