People Are Toilet-Paper Burning Walmarts Across The Country

This is more like the zombie apocalypse we were expecting.
Walmarts In Canada Keep Getting Set On Fire In Their Toilet Paper Aisles

The toilet paper aisles in multiple Walmarts in Canada keep getting set on fire. 

Most recently, three separate locations in the Kitchener-Waterloo area had to be evacuated on the same night after somebody set the toilet paper aisle ablaze.

Waterloo police confirmed to Narcity that all three Waterloo locations were targeted.

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"Yes - we can confirm that the fires were set in the toilet paper and paper towel sections of the stores," wrote Constable André Johnson in an email to Narcity.  

However, this isn't the first time that this kind of incident has been reported in Canada. 

The same thing happened on October 1 in a Walmart in Vancouver Island, CTV reports

Flames and smoke were spotted billowing into the air and shoppers had to be evacuated from the location. 

In December 2019, a Walmart in Saskatchewan also went up in flames after a 12-year-old set fire to some paper towel. 

Police and fire vehicles were spotted surrounding the store as they attempted to get the blaze under control.