Editorial Standards

Narcity Media is the parent company of Narcity.com and MTLBlog.com. All of our brands are expected to adhere to the following journalistic principles to ensure that our audiences have the most reliable and relevant information available.

All content creators employed by Narcity Media must comply with these values and protocols and uphold the standards of their brand in all mediums, be it articles, videos, social media, podcasts, etc.

We are committed to an accurate, transparent, engaged, and informed conversation with our audience and will continuously update these policies in line with industry standards.


Our Mission

Narcity Media's mission is to inform and entertain millennials with meaningful local news and travel stories. Our content creators strive to create nonpartisan and conversational articles that present a clear picture of events and trends.

Our headlines, social media, and articles create an engaging, accurate, and candid presentation of the news to offer a fresh alternative to traditional media.


Narcity Media is committed to providing our audiences with accurate information about their communities. Journalists must always ensure the accuracy of content published on their website to the best of their ability.

Our editorial team works quickly and our content reflects that speed. At the same time, our articles are considered living documents that can be continuously updated as new information comes to light. Narcity Media is transparent about where our information comes from, whether it is from a press release, a person, or another publication.

We make credit clear to our readers so they know where information comes from and we strive to include a diverse range of voices and ideas.

Copy editors and editors fact-check the information included in our content. If a correction must be made, we move as quickly as possible and follow the correction protocol described in detail below.


Narcity Media journalists use common sense when reporting. At the same time, we trust our readers to interpret this information in a way that is right for them.

Our journalists strive to report information without distortion or bias. Narcity Media is not aligned with any political group or set of values.

We also recognize our employees' right to free speech. If an employee has a strong personal belief or a relationship to a specific political movement, we will disclose that information to our readers or they will abstain from coverage of that topic.

While the majority of our content is nonpartisan, when we publish opinion content it is clearly noted as such. Opinion writers have great latitude with their choice of tone and style and express their personal point of view.

Narcity Media does not pay for information or access. Our team does not accept gifts or invitations in exchange for coverage. We may compensate the creators of photographs, videos, and other multimedia for exclusive use on Narcity Media's websites.

Corrections & Updates

While our journalists strive to independently verify all information published on Narcity Media sites, there can be errors sometimes. When such an error is brought to our attention, we immediately update the story. Editor's notes are appended to the end of the article acknowledging there was a change.

Additionally, if new information is discovered that dramatically changes the context or timeline of a story, pieces will be updated at the top of the article and include the time of the update.

Information found on Narcity Media websites will not always be up to date and cannot necessarily be relied upon. Visitors to the site are responsible for their own behaviour and assume all risk.

Sourcing & Interviews

Narcity Media websites generally do not report on anonymous or unverified information unless there are exceptional circumstances. For example, sources are granted anonymity if revealing their identities can jeopardize their safety. If Narcity Media journalists cannot independently verify information that has become part of the national or international discussion, we consider the matter part of the public interest and therefore have a responsibility to present this information as it unfolds.

When interviewing sources, Narcity Media journalists are transparent about their identities and provide readers with a complete picture of who the information is coming from. Minors are not interviewed without parental consent.

We consider public social media posts part of the public domain and treat them as such. Information relayed on these sites can be sourced for Narcity Media articles but will always include proper citation.


Narcity Media is committed to treating all persons, organizations, and companies fairly and to respect their privacy and dignity. When information is in the public's interest, editors may deem that the public's right to know outweighs the privacy of an individual.

Narcity journalists strive to give the subjects of stories opportunity to comment wherever possible. If we have not been able to get in touch or have not received comment by our deadline, we will update the story once comment is provided.

When covering sensitive topics, we include warnings that articles may contain graphic information or details that may be difficult to read. We also include resources and helplines so that readers can take action and fully understand the material discussed.


Narcity Media has a zero-tolerance policy toward plagiarism. Writers must describe ideas and events in their own words or clearly cite the origins, if any, of the content. Those who do not abide by this principle are terminated.

Editors and copy editors review articles for plagiarism and if any is found, there is an immediate investigation of that work as well as any other work the writer has published.

We also consider complaints of plagiarism of the utmost importance. Once an accusation is made, the same protocols described above commence.

Advertising, Sponsored, and Affiliate Content

Advertising, affiliate and sponsored content is clearly identified on Narcity Media's websites (see our Content Funding policy here). The studio, which produces sponsored content, is independent from the editorial team.

Companies that choose to work with us in this regard cannot and do not influence editorial coverage. If one of Narcity Media's advertisers becomes newsworthy, they will be treated as any other company and invited to comment on the story.

Occasionally our editorial articles will also contain affiliate links, where Narcity Media may earn a small commission if a reader purchases a product or service we have featured. These articles are created independently by Narcity Media's journalists and are not influenced by advertisers or commercial teams.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

At Narcity, we're always looking for ways to improve our editorial processes and provide the best possible content to our readers. As part of that effort, we may use artificial intelligence (AI) to automate certain tasks and streamline our editorial workflow. This can include using algorithms to assist with content curation, headline generation, and image selection, among other things. While we believe that AI can be a valuable tool in creating high-quality content, we also recognize the importance of human editorial oversight and input. Our team of editors and writers work closely with our AI tools to ensure that all content meets our high standards for accuracy, relevance, and quality.

Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Narcity Media believes that all human beings deserve respect, representation, and equal access to opportunity. Diversity, inclusion, and belonging are at the heart of our work as journalists. The complex issues we face as a society require respect for different viewpoints, which is why we strive for representation and diversity in our staff, collaborators, and sourcing. We recognize that race, class, gender, sexuality, disability, and geography all affect experience and point of view, and that reflecting these differences in our journalism will lead to more nuanced reporting and a better informed community.

Narcity Media readers can reach our Narcity.com editors through this contact page. Messages are checked regularly and any information pertinent to an article is promptly addressed.