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Here's Everything That Could Screw Up Your Credit Score In Ontario Without You Knowing It

Your guide to adulting and financial literacy.

Adulting is hard, especially when you're trying to weave through a world of late payments, loans, and credit ratings with a complete lack of financial literacy.

But just because they didn't teach us how to handle debt and save for a mortgage in high school (like they do now), doesn't mean we can't get educated to try and save our future selves, right?

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6 Ontario Jobs That Are Hiring RN & Will Pay You Over $100K To Work From Your Couch

You can make bank without leaving the house.

If you're a homebody that hates commuting to work, you might assume high-salary positions are out of reach for you — but you'd be surprised what you can earn from your couch these days.

These Ontario remote jobs showcase what the future of working from home could look like in a world that is rapidly going digital.

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Canada Child Benefit Is Getting Another Boost & Families Can Get Up To $6,833 Per Year

Here's everything you need to know.💰👇

The federal government has announced that the Canada Child Benefit (CCB) is getting another boost, taking the maximum annual benefit up to $6,833 per child under the age of 6.

The increase — announced on July 20 — means families with kids aged between 6 and 17 will be able to claim a maximum of $5,765 per child in 2021.

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You Can Get Paid $20K To Travel Across Canada In A Van & You'll Even Get Expenses

That's $20,000 for just two months of work! 🤑

Talk about a dream job! Corona Canada is hiring an "Officer of Natural Wonder" right now and you could get paid to travel across Canada in a van.

The job listing, which was posted on July 19, explains that the position requires one person to adventure from province to province for two months.

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The Canada Recovery Benefit Just Dropped From $500 Per Week To $300 Per Week

New claimants will get $200 less per week.💰

From July 18 onwards, Canadians applying for the Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB) for the first time will receive $200 less from the feds per week.

Starting Saturday, new claimants will be eligible to receive a maximum of $300 per week via the CRB, instead of the original payment of $500 per week ($1,000 biweekly).

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Ontario Man Wins $65M Lotto Max Prize & Is Using It To Support Multiple Charities (VIDEO)

"I'm still going to be the guy who donates blood every two months and cuts his own hair."

Forty-one-year-old veteran Jansen Ng from East Gwillimbury had his entire world shifted after winning the $65 million jackpot from the Lotto Max draw on July 6.

The occasional player said he decided to pick up a Lotto Max Quick Pick ticket at a local gas station while playing Pokémon Go.

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