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Alberta's 1st Vaccine Lottery Winner Will Be Drawn July 1 & Here's What Happens If You Win

You could be a millionaire next week!

If you entered the Alberta vaccine lottery, you could be $1 million richer on Thursday, July 1. For the first of the three $1M dollar draws, any Albertan who's received at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose was able to enter.

Entries are now closed and the winner will be randomly selected on July 1, the first day of Stage 3 of the province's reopening plan.

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Over 189,000 Calgarians Are Below The Poverty Line & The City Says We Need To Act

"Poverty is the new normal."

According to a press release sent out by the City of Calgary, there's a shocking number of people living below Calgary’s poverty line. 

Calling this crisis “the new normal,” the data reads that there are currently over 189,000 people living below the poverty line.

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You Can Get Paid To Dress Up For Halloween And Scare People In Calgary Next Month

Might as well get paid for it!

Sometimes being into Halloween pays off. ScreamFest jobs are up for grabs in Calgary so dig out your scariest costume and get your resume ready.

ScreamFest opens it's doors for enthusiasts October 22-25 and October 29-31 at the Big Four in Stampede Park.

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Amazon Is Opening A New Facility In Alberta & Hundreds Of Jobs Are Up For Grabs

You only need a high school diploma to apply.

If you're so over job-hunting, we've got some good news. On Thursday, August 6, Amazon Canada announced that they're opening a new sorting facility in Balzac, Alberta. As a result, hundreds of Alberta Amazon jobs are up for grabs and you can throw your name in the hat. 

Lisa Guinn, an Amazon spokesperson, told Narcity that the new sortation centre will provide "hundreds of job opportunities for the talented local workforce." 

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You Can Only Get Alberta's Secret 'Dino Bucks' Currency By Wearing A Mask

One dino buck = $5 CAD.

While cities all over are passing mandatory mask bylaws, one town took a whole new approach. Drumheller's "Dino Bucks" is an entirely new currency system that you can only get if you're seen wearing a mask in town. Certain retailers will hand out that sweet cash to visitors wearing face coverings, which they can use to buy items in store.

According to a news release on Tuesday, August 4, Drumheller City Council agreed to put $5,000 into buying 1,000 Dino Bucks. Each voucher is worth $5 and they're going to be handed out to certain stores in the city.

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6 Calgarians Have Won Millions On Lottery Tickets Bought In The City This Year

The recent winner took home $60 million.

Calgary may be a little luckier than you think. There have been six Calgary lottery winners this year so far and the year isn’t even done yet. The latest person to win took home $6 million — just think about all the things you could buy. 

Everyone dreams about winning the lottery one day. 

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