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In the U.S., it is no secret that women get paid less than men, even with the Biden-Harris administration fighting the wage gap. To further that notion, one study revealed female employees' best- and worst-paying states. One state consistently ranked at the bottom of the list in large metro areas.

The U.S. Department of Labor noted that many women got paid roughly 82 cents to a man's dollar in 2020, noting that the gap is even wider for women of color. In March 2023, the Pew Research Center conducted a study on the previous year's earnings, revealing that the number hadn't changed much since 2020. However, a breakdown of women's wages compared to their men counterparts within the same age group revealed that younger generations, ages 25 to 34, are the closest to eradicating the wage gap at 92 cents to the dollar.

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One of the biggest debates all over social media is how much you should tip service industry employees. This includes hairdressers, and one stylist in Florida revealed the proper etiquette for tipping at a salon and where the money really goes.

Carly Banister, who goes by @carlycolorist online, told Narcity some of the common misconceptions about tipping your hairstylist and why it actually benefits the clients just as much as the hairdresser.

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The National Park Service (NPS) is looking for an Environmental Protection Specialist at one of the most popular landmarks in sunny South Florida. You can have a chance to work in the Everglades or even apply to do this job remotely!

Per its website, the park was established in 1947 and its purpose is to conserve plants and wildlife. People visit to learn about the history and culture of the land through guided tours and educational activities.

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A Florida man had quite a lucky day on January 25 just when he thought otherwise. Stephen Espinoza, 43, went to a Publix grocery store to purchase a scratch-off lottery ticket at the machine when someone cut right in front of him in line.

That may have just been the best thing that happened to him all day.

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Alix Earle is making a massive imprint online as a social media influencer. With over 3 million followers on TikTok, she's dominating the platform, and major brands want to partner with her...except, she's pretty pricey.

Earle is viral for her "GRWM" (Get Ready With Me) videos as she shows people how she does her make-up and dresses for a glamorous Miami lifestyle.

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