Florida Man Won The Lottery Because A Customer Cut Him In Line & What He'll Do With The Cash

When you can finally thank someone for not minding their manners...

Florida Associate Editor
A scratch off machine. Right: A lottery line sign at Publix.

A scratch off machine. Right: A lottery line sign at Publix.

A Florida man had quite a lucky day on January 25 just when he thought otherwise. Stephen Espinoza, 43, went to a Publix grocery store to purchase a scratch-off lottery ticket at the machine when someone cut right in front of him in line.

That may have just been the best thing that happened to him all day.

After that customer cut him in line, he chose to go to the counter and buy a 500X THE CASH instant game. Espinoza ended up hitting big and winning $1,000,000.

"It was the end of a long day, and I was tired. I stopped at Publix and was about to buy a ticket at the machine when a man cut right in front of me. Instead of saying something," he told lottery officials, "I decided I'd just buy a ticket at the counter instead. I can't believe I won a million dollars!"

He purchased the ticket at 555 N.E. 5th Ave., Delray Beach, FL and chose a one-time lump sum payment of 820,000.

Espinoza told lottery officials that he and his wife plan to use the money to buy a home for their family.

The 500X THE CASH is a $50 scratch-off that has a top prize of $25 million. There is one top prize left to be uncovered, according to the Florida Lottery. However, there are 42 tickets out there that are hiding the one million dollar award.

The Publix retailer who sold him the card will also receive a bonus commission of $2,000.

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Jenna Kelley
Florida Associate Editor
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