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At the start of the year, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp assessed the state's budget and gave his recommendations on how to distribute it. Two proposals could provide different stimulus checks for Georgia residents under specific qualifications.

He proposed a one billion dollar state income tax refund. The purpose is to give every single taxpayer a cut of the money and ease the impact of U.S. inflation. Those who filed as individuals can make $250 and those who filed jointly can make $500.

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In August, Georgia governor Brian Kemp announced that $1.2 billion of federal COVID relief funds would be distributed to the 3 million Georgia residents who are in the most need of financial assistance.

Excess funds from 2021's American Rescue Plan were planned to be distributed via $350 relief checks to Georgians who are receiving assistance from Medicaid, food stamps, cash welfare assistance, or subsidized health insurance for children.

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A "bottle girl" is a cocktail server that works in a high-end nightclub and specializes in socializing and serving alcohol to clientele. The profession is known for its potential to bring in some serious cash.

An Atlanta bottle girl is going viral on TikTok for revealing an inside scoop on the number of tips she brings in, and her eccentric rituals with all the cash.

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Eighteen different states have been approved for offering certain residents another round of stimulus checks this 2022. With inflation steadily on the rise and the rental market skyrocketing, these bonuses could help out Americans now more than ever.

This guide will help you determine whether or not you can expect some extra cash in the bank this year.

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Atlanta hip-hop artist Safaree Samuels was revealed to be one of the top OnlyFans earners of 2022, and his monthly pays from the site are seriously impressive.

Samuels is a 41-year-old Jamaican-American rapper who launched a career in music back in the early 2000s in the group Hoodstars.

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