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Atlantans Can Start Their Social Media Influencer Dreams From Home Right Now

Make money right from your couch.

Working from home is becoming the new normal. If you're trying to make this new norm a permanent career change, there are many remote companies hiring right now all around the US. You can start your next Atlanta acting job from your couch with this online company. 

Bid Blab is a company located out of Boulder, Colorado and they're hiring three "Social Media Influencing" positions immediately. 

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Here Are 8 Ways Atlantans Can Make Money While Being Self-Quarantined This Month

Side hustles are the way to go.

In the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak, locals are finding ways to make the most of their time at home. As many businesses have temporarily shut down in an attempt to halt the spread, you are likely working from home working at all. If you're looking to make some extra cash, there are lots of remote jobs in Atlanta, many of which are listed on the Steady app. 

Food Delivery

Estimated pay: $7+ per delivery

It's fairly simple to sign up to be a driver for Postmates, Uber Eats, and similar services to grab and drop off food. It beats working in rideshare because you don't run the risk of having others spread germs in your car. You're likely to get quite a few orders since lots of people are ordering in to remain socially distant.

Research Participant

Estimated pay: $50+ per session

Several market research firms, including PVR research, and Focus Pointe allow participants to test or review products and get paid for it. Some of these companies work with food clients, meaning you'll literally get paid to eat exclusive food.


Estimated pay: $30+ per day

While some people have canceled all travel plans, others are still traveling for work or taking advantage of super cheap airline prices. Facebook pages like Atlanta Pet Sitters Connection list lots of pet sitting gigs throughout the city.

Roadie Delivery

Estimated pay: $12+ per delivery

Roadie is an app that allows app users to complete product deliveries for both homes and businesses. Depending on the size and amount of the products and the distance you'll drive to complete the delivery, you can make some decent cash.


Estimated pay: $9 - $14 per hour

If you're a quick typer, this may be the perfect part-time gig for you. Several companies, including Literably and Rev, hire people to type out audio recordings for cash.

Online Tutor

Estimated pay: $15 per hour

The Cambridge Network, among many others, employs remote online tutors to help kids enhance their educational potential. You can make some extra dough while making a difference.

Rent Your Car

Estimated pay: set your own rates

If you are self-quarantining, then there is no need to use your car. It's the perfect time to take advantage of Turo or Getaround, online car-sharing services that literally pay you to let your peers borrow your car.

Call Center Representative

Estimated pay: $9 - $14 per hour

Tons of call centers, including Arise, are looking for remote call service representatives in multiple industries. If you're social and this whole distancing thing is challenging your extroversion, chatting on the phone can help you get out all that cooped up energy.

You Can Audition To Play A Neighborhood Goonie For Stranger Things 4 In Atlanta

Actually get paid to hang out with celebs!

You won't have to wait much longer to clear up the Stranger Things 3 cliffhanger because season 4 is well on its way. The Georgia-based Netflix series is currently filming and hopefully you'll get all the answers you've been waiting for. Even better is the fact that you can actually be in the show by applying for this Stranger Things 4 casting in Atlanta.

If you're a die-hard ST devotee, you're probably waiting on the edge of your seat to see what happens next. Although it may be the last season, the show will live on in the hearts of millions of fans.

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8 Atlanta Celebrities Who Made More Money Today Than Most People Make All Year

One was even paid 1.5 million for a single show.

Atlanta truly is a city where dreams come true. If you're confined to a 9-to-5 and want out, The Peach State is the place to make your next big move. We're home to CEOs of extensive empires, musicians that religiously claim the A and those taking the big (or small) screen by storm. These are some of the richest CEOs and celebrities from Atlanta that make more money than the average human. 

Donald Glover

Everything Glover touches is gold. From producing the award-winning series Atlanta to starring alongside our forever crush RiRi in Guava Island, he still finds time to produce major musical hits.

With the recent success of The Lion King, Complex estimated Glover's lifetime filmography earnings to sit at a pretty $3 billion.

Chloë Grace Moretz

Moretz has been so busy taking over Hollywood that you probably didn't know she's actually from Atlanta.

Her $12 million net worth can be credited to her mile-long filmography that includes starring roles in Kick-Ass, Dark Places, Neighbors 2 and If I Stay.

Sara Blakely

Spanx is a household name (especially when we're trying to fit into a dress we're a little bloated for). Women buying up the classic shapewear benefits the Atlanta-based Blakely empire.

Once named the youngest self-made billionaire before being dethroned by Kylie Jenner, Spanx was worth $1 billion in 2018 and likely more today.

Metro Boomin

If you haven't heard "Metro Boomin wants some more..." as the intro to a rap song, you've been sleeping under a very comfortable rock.

The 26-year-old producer started traveling to Atlanta in 11th grade to collab with some of the most iconic artists in the south. Now he's one of the highest-paid producers in hip-hop with an $8 million net worth.

Brielle Biermann 

When she's not catching flights to hang with some famous friends, she's not much different than the average 22-year-old that lives in Atlanta.

The main difference is she gets paid to have her life filmed on Don't Be Tardy. During the last season, she reportedly was paid $18,000 per episode.

Iggy Azalea & Playboi Carti

The on-and-off romance between the Atlanta-based pair seemingly has no end in sight.

One thing that probably won't change is the fact that they rake in a lot of dough together. Azalea's $10 million net worth combined with Carti's $10 million in earnings last year makes for a pretty lavish lifestyle.

Young Thug 

Thugger forever puts on for his city, and for that, we'll always support him. He recently shared a glimpse into his earnings with an Instagram caption of "1.5 for a 45 min show ... #ThankUGod" We're assuming that's 1.5 million and we're shook, to say the least.

Cardi B & Offset 

Just outside out the inner city in Sandy Springs, Cardi B and Offset are prancing around in their $6 million mansion.

That purchase was just a little splurge for the dynamic rap couple who reportedly have a combined total of $50 million in earnings. Their fire doesn't seem to be burning out anytime soon, so we can expect their wealth to keep amassing.

Anything is possible, so maybe you'll make the list next year.

9 Easy Holiday Jobs In Atlanta That’ll Earn You Some Extra Cash Before 2019 Is Over

Dolla dolla bills, ya'll!

We're coming to that time of year when you seriously have to start planning for the next few months. Where are you going to be? What are you buying all of your loved ones for the holidays? What are you going to buy yourself to wear? With all these money woes, you'll want an extra few dollars in your pockets to make the most of your holiday season. There's holiday jobs around Atlanta you can take for Christmas break so you can guarantee you'll be rolling in dough by Christmas.

Make bath bombs

When you walk within a mile of a Lush, you know that scent. You can see the happiness practically pouring out of the stores. Right now, Lush Cosmetics locations are hiring for seasonal positions in Lenox and Perimeter mall. Who doesn't want to smell like a cotton-candy dream 24/7? This is seriously a no brainer.

Zoo Atlanta 

Yes, you can spend your days being surrounded by all your fave furry animals, even if you are just standing behind a cash register. Zoo Atlanta is looking for bubbly happy faces to greet people at the entrance. You'll be a natural while telling guests about the panda cam live streaming at all times. You'll sound so knowledgeable in your new position.



Macy's is a madhouse during the holidays, but in the best way possible. Not only are there thousands of departments, but they need four times the staff during the holidays. It's all hands on deck and you will even be able to grab extra shifts when people decide to go away for the holidays. It's the easiest holiday job to secure.


Godiva Chocolatier

With so many people looking to add special touches to their homes for the holidays, chocalate sales are on the rise. Not only will this job be super fun, but you'll see the process and learn how chocolate is made from the pros. While we don't encourage stealing, we're sure they'll let you snag one or two.


Pet Minders

This is your time to shine. If you're a true dog or cat lover, then this is the holiday job for you. People go away and leave their pets with sitters to take care of them fwhile they're gone. All you have to do is make sure it gets the same amount of love and play (and food) as it normally would. You can literally play all day.



While everyone else is running around, who's taking care of Pebbles? You are! Professional dog walkers are a thing and very necessary, especially during the holidays. You can make someone else's holiday go smoothly by signing up and being the person they call when in a bind, also, they will tip. Bonus!


Callaway Gardens 

You can hang out with Santa at one of the prettiest places in Atlanta during your holidays. At Callaway Gardens, you'll take photos of happy families and count their dollars as yours stack as well. You'll basically be Santa's little helper, which is truly a story for the books.


King Of Pops

It may seem odd for a ice cream shop to need extra help during the cold season, but elves are always needed for the holidays. During November and December, "pop slingers" become "elf helpers" that deliver Christmas joy (mainly to office parties). You'll want to be a part of these celebrations because they tend to tip nicely as well.


Disney Store

You can live out your Disney princess dreams and make money while doing it. The Disney Store needs double the staff during the holidays because no one wants to get trampled by kids and their toys. You will man the registers and be the bright face parents and kids will love to see.


8 Legit Side Hustles In Atlanta That'll Make You Some Serious Cash

It's all about the Benjamins, baby.

The way minimum wage is set up, having some sort of side hustle in Atlanta is a means of survival. Whether you spend the majority of your days at a desk or are juggling a part-time gig, there is more money to be made every day in the A. Most of the side hustles here don't require you to exert much effort, so it's easy to balance with your everyday grind. We're seeing a second (or third) stream of income in your future with these Atlanta jobs hiring right now.  

Become a standardized patient 

Pay: $15+/hr

If you've got some acting skills to spare, they can add up to some serious change. Essentially, you're paid to act as a patient with a certain condition to a medical student or doctor in training at big-name ATL college campuses like Emory and Morehouse.

Represent a brand 

Pay: $18-45/hour

You've seen the people that pass out samples and flyers at major events, but you probably didn't know how much they got paid. Brand Ambassadors of Atlanta is a network of 20,000 people looking for gigs throughout Georgia that literally pay you for being friendly.

Get paid to speak your mind

Pay: $50-500/hour

You can dish your opinion out for free, or you can get paid hundreds to vocalize it during a focus group. Whether it's all online, a phone interview or an in-person session, you can get paid so much for an hour (or few) of your time at Focus Pointe Global or Fieldwork Atlanta.

Capture and charge "Birds"

Pay: $5-$20/scooter

You've probably eyed someone collecting a plethora of scooters around the city and given them the side-eye. Next time, don't judge them and join them because it adds up to charge those bad boys. You can make an easy $400 a day.

Star in a movie 

Pay: $64/8 hours and opportunity for much more

Atlanta isn't called the "Hollywood of the South" for nothing. There's plenty of opportunities to become a movie and TV extra, and even more cash for stand-in and featured roles. They'll even feed you like kings and queens on set.

Invest in a lash tech course 

Pay: $50-100/client

If you've seen the demand for eyelashes, you'd be a fool not to get into the business. You'll have to put up some money upfront to become a certified lash tech, but if you get enough clientele, you'll make that money back in no time. A salon all to yourself might be in your future.

Bare it all for an art class 

Pay: $20-30/hour

No matter your age, weight, or shape, there's an artist looking to practice their drawing skills. If you're comfortable holding nude poses for an extended period of time, these live drawing classes in Atlanta will pay you big bucks just for being you, all you have to do is reach out.

Stuff your face 

Pay: $30-100/session

Everyone's dream is to get paid to eat, and Curion is making dreams come true. If you've got an open mind and palette, you can taste test food and beverages so researchers know what works and what doesn't.