These Atlanta Bottle Girls Reveal How Much Tips You Can Make & The Truth About The Industry

The profession is known for its potential to bring in some serious cash.

​A bottle girl before her shift. Right: A TikToker counting her tips.
Georgia Contributing Writer

A bottle girl before her shift. Right: A TikToker counting her tips.

A "bottle girl" is a cocktail server that works in a high-end nightclub and specializes in socializing and serving alcohol to clientele. The profession is known for its potential to bring in some serious cash.

An Atlanta bottle girl is going viral on TikTok for revealing an inside scoop on the number of tips she brings in, and her eccentric rituals with all the cash.

In a video that's amassed 17.6 million views, content creator @arrianabey shares her process of washing and drying "floor money" from the club where she is employed at.

She also uses her platform to share examples of how much she brings in during the average shift, and her ritual of ironing her money.

One video shows her counting out her tips from three "slow" weeknight night shifts, where she apparently brought in a total of $1423.

What skills do you need to be a bottle girl?

On TikTok, another bottle service waitress from Atlanta (@myfinebabe) dropped some helpful advice for beginners in that field of the service industry.

She recommends being active on social media, getting a work phone number, networking/selling sections to clients, not getting drunk at work, and avoiding drama to be successful.

How much do bottle service girls make?

When it comes to yearly earnings, the profession has the potential to bring home some serious cash.

According to ZipRecruiter, the top earning bottle girls in Atlanta can expect to bring home a salary of $93,303 a year. However, the average annual pay is a third of that number.

Noelle Bae, a bartender/bottle server in Atlanta took to TikTok to share a glimpse at what her nightly shift looks like, which concludes with her bringing home two large trash bags full of cash.


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What bottle girls should know?

While the money can be alluring, some say the job is not all it's cracked up to be.

One Atlanta local who quit the job claims that the title can come with dealing with difficulties such as colorism, customer harassment, and creepy management.

The industry is mostly made up of younger women. Though you have to be 21 years of age to consume alcohol in Georgia, the age requirement for becoming a bottle girl is just 18 years old, since that is the legal age to serve it.

The potential to make good cash is high, however, given the nature of the industry, it is important to understand the job and its risks before breaking into this career path.

Maeve Browne
Georgia Contributing Writer
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