An Arizona Bottle Girl Shared Her Tip Earnings On TikTok & People Are Shocked

She makes more than what most people make in a month in just hours! 💵

A bottle girl in Arizona at work. A receipt given to an Arizona bottle girl.
Florida Associate Editor

A bottle girl in Arizona at work. A receipt given to an Arizona bottle girl.

The average person in the U.S. earns roughly $2,000 every two weeks... and that's before taxes. A bottle girl could make more than that in just hours!

A woman named Nina Angelina in Scottsdale, Arizona revealed a day in the life of her job on TikTok, and the audience went wild over not only what she makes, but also what people are spending.

The TikToker posted on her second week at Maya Dayclub that she got the "cabana section for the first time ever," and it was worth the grueling hours in the sun.

After showing a clip of how busy the venue gets, she then showed just two receipts from her cabana customers, and it's more than what the average person made in a month in 2021.

Her first receipt was tipped at $1,800. Her second tip was $3,000.

The video went viral and received about 4.7 million views and users are considering a career change.

One person wrote, "I'm in the wrong profession."

Another user said that she just made 6 months of the commenter's rent.

Commenters writing on the viral video post.Commenters writing on the viral video post.ninageruntho | TikTok

Clearly, the job garnered a lot of excitement, so the bottle service money maker created a video on how she got the job.

She said it's all about who you know. Her boyfriend had a friend that worked at the day club and put in a good word for her. The rest was history.

As of May 2022, ZipRecruiter reports the average bottle service job makes about $40,800. Considering this amount of money might not be made on a daily basis, it could be possible.

However, that might not be the only tip the creator made that day. Unless Nina Angelina has a hefty tip-out process for her colleagues, it seems she could be surpassing ZipRecruiter's findings if her days continue as her videos suggest.

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Florida Associate Editor
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