A TikToker 'Accidentally' Went To A Sex Club & The 'No Pants' Rule Should've Been A Clue

"This is really f*cking weird."

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Kyra Brown in her TikTok video.

Kyra Brown in her TikTok video.

It's not hard to end up at the wrong bar or club when you're visiting a new city, but what would you do if you ended up walking into a sex club by accident?

TikToker Kyra Brown said that's what happened to her when she was in Berlin, where she "accidentally" went to one the city's best sex clubs.

In the video, Brown detailed how she and her friends split up into two Ubers when they were going out one night.

Once she and her three friends got to their destination they were eager to get inside and join their friends. They also didn't notice "a lot of red flags."

"We get up to the front and the people in the line are all dressed kinda weird but we're like it's Berlin people dress kinda weird here," she said in the video.


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After they finally made it to the coat check, they were told they couldn't wear the jeans they had on and they proceeded by taking them off.

"We're just wearing underwear. None of us thought that this was weird at all so we go inside the club in literal thongs and shirts," Brown continued in her video.

She noted once they got inside people were dressed "very BDSM."

"We don't see our friends [...] instead we see some people having sexual intercourse," she added. "The further we get in we [say] 'OK this is really f*cking weird' and definitely not the club that our friends are [at]."

Brown then saw a sign that said Kit Kat and that's when it clicked.

"Holy sh*t we're at the number one sex club in Berlin. How did we get in? Should we stay or should we go," she said. "So we decided let's just stay because YOLO."

With over 832,000 views on TikTok, viewers are loving the story.

"Soooo many red flags bahahahaha!!!! This story time was the absolute best 😂😂😂😂," one person wrote.

"This is a funny story and one to tell at dinner parties for the rest of your life 😂😂," another person commented.

Others are questioning how the group didn't realize something was off when they were told to take their pants off.

"You lost me at not thinking it was weird to have no pants, y’all knew," one follower said.

The majority of people want more information and are demanding a follow-up video.

"How about Part 2 of what happened after you decided to stay?," one person said in a comment.

"We need more details part two part two 🙌," another one echoed.

"Omg I love this story. I need to know more about what it was like!" a third person added.

Hopefully Brown will see these comments and give the people what they want with that second video!

Asymina Kantorowicz
Associate Editor, Global
Asymina Kantorowicz is an Associate Editor for Narcity’s Global Desk focused on celebrity and health news and is based in Victoria, British Columbia.
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