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There's nothing worse than a cancelled flight, especially when you desperately have to be at your destination for something you can't miss.

A group of strangers recently found themselves in that awful position after Frontier Airlines cancelled their trip, so they responded with a plan that sounds like it's straight out of a movie.

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These Canadian twins on TikTok made it onto the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, thanks to their hilariously dumb video that went viral.

Chris and Patrick Vörös, @vorostwins on TikTok, are from Vancouver and known for their comedic videos, and sat down with Narcity to share some tips on how to make it as a creator, and maybe even get on Fallon someday.

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People on TikTok are loving videos shared by an Alberta TikToker where he's speaking French and the accent is really something!

Jase Ernest, a country musician from Alberta, first shared his wild French accent when he responded to a video by another TikToker who claimed "bad French accents are good."

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A mom is dividing TikTokers with her DIY hack for making Christmas tree decorations out of bathroom products.

User Sam Holtwick posted a video that starts off by showing a pile of colourful loofahs that she quickly transforms into decorations for her tree with just a bit of glue and paper.

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Imagine waking up one day to discover that everything you know about your family has basically been a lie, and finding out only because of a single text.

That’s exactly what happened to one TikToker who recently shared her earth-shattering story on the platform, where her video has piled up over 9 million views.

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